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Nichole Monique (noappologies) wrote,
@ 2003-08-11 11:15:00
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    CaNcLeD cOnCeRt! Oh No
    OMG the Trapt concert was cancled. After we got all the way to the Northside of Indy...we found out that the concert was cancled.I could not believe it. I was so mad. Now I have 5 tickets that I have to mail in to get refunded. But it was all good. The ppl that went with were; Kevin, Cody, Stacey and James. I had my Aunt's car which was kewl. So anywho. We all went back to Moorsville and stopped by a gas station so that everyone could call their parents. Cause I am like really mom like or whatever. So I had everyone call their parents so that they would not get into trouble. While at the gas station I got so really kewl glasses. Then we went to the gas station right before you get to Paragon or whatever so that the other peeps could call their parents. Then we all went to my Grannies to tell my mother...and off to the park we went. We played on the set and all of this and that. Then BAM....small road Jordan's house. We played Twister and junk like that. It was so fun. Then after that we went to Stake-n-Shake. And Then...I took everyone home. Which took forever. But it is all good. Then I came home to a mad Mommy. She was all mad at me for not being home earlier cause she had to follow me to my Aunt's to take her car back or whatever and it was like 2 something when I got home and she had to be at work early....but I mean I told her that she could have went to sleep and then I could have woke her up...then she was like.....uhhhh...cause she new I was right. I still felt really bad about the whole thing. Well after I got home from my Aunt's I called Kevin and we talked for a long while about this and that. And about how he is going shopping and all of that. Yep. And I almost fell asleep on him so I got off of the phone and went to sleep.

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