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it's easier to find something that is not there (no_business) wrote,
@ 2003-09-14 13:53:00
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    Current mood: cranky
    Current music:the loudest sound-the cure

    that nonsense piece of colorful cloth
    wow. long time. honestly i missed doing this. lots of things happened.

    -my last post was about my agony. I WROTE A FAKKING LONG ENTRY which disappeared when i pressed the update button. that was so disappointing and heartbraking which made me lost interest in posting here.

    last day of finals week. my very last practical test. went to school at around 10am, did my last test.. went to robinsons place to do some last minute shopping.. stayed in perfect pitch and waited for my friends, watched a movie, went to malate at around 8pm went home after a few minutes to pack my things, waited for felix to fetch me up, went back to malate at 10. bonded with my friends for a little more time. winnie arrived with her boyfriend. left malate at around 1:00amdropped some of my friends off, started our 8 hours road trip to BALER QUEZON.

    sept. 06- hours that seemed like eternity passed we were still on the road, giggling and chitchatting with each other, i was on the 2nd row, beside felix and joey, winnie and justine were at the back with ea. met up with another friend at a shell station in cabanatuan, had a convoy.. got lost for about an hour somewhere in quezon, when we finally found the right road.. it also started the ride which seemed like it will never end, the road was very bumpy, large holes were filled with water (there was a typhoon before we went there). that part of our road trip was the most annoying part. it was like we were trapped in a twilight zone. i was trying so hard not to throw up. i finally fell asleep after 1 hour, the ride was already killing me so i really forced myself to sleep. when i woke up we were already in BALER. at long last we were there i thought. i cant wait to change into my swimwear, but ofcourse it's not that easy.. we still drive around sabang to find a decent place to stay, the hotel were we originally planned to stay in was fully booked which made us obliged to look for another hotel. while joey was walking around and talking to the receptionists, i made my way out of the van and ran towards the beach, and blam. it slapped me hard.. the sea is flat (flat as in there's no wave) i was rather very optimistic that time, inside my head im wishing very hard for the wave to come after lunch, for it is the time were we have already rested and we were all set to catch some waves. we went to bay's inn to eat our brunch, i was felt like drinking beer at the time, after eating i ordered my beloved san miguel pale pilsen, afterwhich we went to our assigned rooms (felix and i were sharing the room with my brother and his girlfriend. much fun eh?). because im the very hyper and excited chemicals in my blood, i immediately changed into my bikinis and boardshorts (just when we were about to leave baler we figured out that you shouldn't use you're very fancy boardshorts while surfing, for the wax sticks on the shorts and i heard that it's not easy to wash it out) went out of the room and invited joey and the others to go surfing that very moment. then and there joey told us that we'll go to charlie's point using Mario's (newly found friend) starex van. We all went inside the van except my brother and her girlfriend who preferred on sleeping the day away (sure sure, he was awake the entire ride for he was the one driving). back to what i was saying, we were at the back of the van, the 6 of us, including Mario's doberman named sharp who was very energetic. it was a 35 minute ride, i was shocked when we finally got there, there were no house nor any establishment there, just a large land/shore line with tweeds everywhere. but what the heck, we were there to enjoy ourselves, i made my way near the shore, the wave there's way bigger than the ones in sabang (in front of bay's inn). i jumped into the water just to wet my body and feel the current, yes the current was very powerful, it either bring you outside to the line up, or to the right side of the beach. plus there were lots of stones at the bottom, which was really irritating because it hurt my feet, after lots of struggling wit the current and the wave and felix and joey's constant shouting at me to stay near the shore and not swim far, i gave up and walk back to sit beside felix, we sat there and watched meng (edmund mendoza's brother) and mario surf. and what can i say, meng's a pro with surfing, he makes it appear that surfing is that easy. whew. envious. we stayed there for 1 hour and decided to leave and go back to sabang because joey needs to teach winnie how to surf and they said that the waves there are not for beginners. so we went back to sabang, we immediately went to the shore to see how the waves are, and yehey for us, there was small waves (good for longboards and starters) i catched my first wave in baler after a few hours (we were all sharing one long board then, and winnie was the first priority because he paid joey to teach her) winnie was a fast learner that after hours of paddling, catching the right wave and trying to stand she finally got the heck of standing and riding the wave. we surfed the whole afternoon and only left the sea when we were all hungry, i think it was at 6pm. by that time my brother and mitch(his girlfriend) was already at bay's inn drinking beer. we headed to our room to take a bath, then after that, we fell asleep (joey, felix, ea and i, winnie and justine at the other room) when we woke up it was around 8pm i think, joey and ea weren't there anymore so we went to bay's inn thinking there were already there, we saw some people around a bonfire on the shore so we thought that it was them, that they already finished eating their dinner. so we ordered our food and waited, after 30 mins or so, winnie and justine arrived and told us that they were knocking on the door of our room, thinking that we were still there and sleeping they left and headed to bay's inn. after some time my brother and mitch arrived and told us that they were in the van and they didn't saw us leave. hahahaha. i find it really funny, the thing that happened to us, so we all agreed to set the things we need to do the next day so that it will never happen again. we ate our dinner, after eating justine and winnie went back to their room and told us that they will go back and join us after they get they something in their room, harry and mitch headed first to the shore, felix and i chilled out at the table for quite awhile. we joined my brother and mitch around the bonfire, then it started to rain, it was 11pm already so i told felix to go back to our room and call it a day. joey appeared in our room and told us that they were in edmund's house and that they will sleep there, he was with wendell that time, ea was already sleeping he told us.

    sept. 07- the day started late (we planned on waking up around 6am) we woke up at around 9:30 dead tired and with muscles aching. joey woke us up. we headed to the beach and pretty much just catched some waves. at around 11am we headed to the balete tree (biggect in asia) climbed inside (yes inside the tree) and stayed on top of the tree, took pictures and just savouring the feeling of being on top of that balete tree. since mario and his girlfriend is heading back to manila after lunch we didnt waste in more time there and went back to sabang
    we ate our lunch at "bayan" near the municipal hall and went back to bay's inn so that mario can still some catch some wave. felix and i also went swimmming and surfing while joey and ea headed to edmund's house. at around noon all the other locals of baler were at the beach and surfed. mzutani (japanese friend and owner of the long board we were using) invited us to join them, when we got to the spot where they were surfing all of them was very accomodating and kept us motivated with their very strong motivational words. the locals there are so nice and not air-headed unlike in *toot toot*. we agreed on going there (mzutani's house) after we eat dinner to socialize and drink gin with them. we went to our room to take a bath, went to bay's inn to eat our dinner, after eating dinner we walked to edmund's house joey and some othe rlocals bought 4 kwatro kantos gin and many packs of pomelo juice. felix was with the other group of locals drinking pure gin with them.blah blah blah. after sometime winnie and justine decided to play billiards. edmund, mitch harry and i are the only ones that were left there drinking. after we finished the 4 bottles of gin we joined winnie and justine at the billiards table, they were already giggling and socializing with the people (tambay) there. at around 12 we walked back to our hotel, edmund and wendell went with us, edmund found a 100 bucks on the road, which we spent at a nearby disco house.

    ***ill finish this some other time. egegegeg

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