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it's easier to find something that is not there (no_business) wrote,
@ 2003-08-01 22:51:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:lost control-joy division

    random things.
    -ive been in a very weird mood swings.
    -dead tired from the COPs team building.
    -had fun, with the COPs people, yes, even with the deaf/mute people.
    -there was a point when xol, dang and i were like planning our own "coup". hahahhahaha.
    -met new friends, jam, issa, jackie. funny thing is, they're very much like us, i think that's why we bonded like crazy maniacs.
    -we all shared one imaginary house, we even have our baby girl.
    -ou baby girl is actually a boy, erm... an 18 year old guy.
    -baby girl has really chinky eyes, he's always sleepy and he rarely talk.
    -when he talks, you'll get really angry with him.
    -all 6 of us are sisters, and Icon is our father. GEGEGEGEGEGEGEGGEJEJGEJEG!
    -ate lots of foods in antipolo.
    -im on water therapy again.
    -my family's really weird, yeah, i know that, but it's really AMUSINGLY weird.
    -i love my friends, im so grateful that i have them. i have the greatest friends.
    -we will be celebrating our 4th anniversary on the 22nd.
    -it's supposedly our 6th year together, since most of us have been friends since '97.
    -while typing this, iam staring at all of the fashion sketches that i did, and then in my mind im wishing that i'll get in as one of the finalists of the wild vines competition. i know that God is good.
    -i hope our trip to new york will push through
    -i need to rush to harisson really early tomorrow.
    -i was on the verge of going out awhile ago.
    -but then again i preferred to stay home, bah..
    -i want that "director chair" ive saw in dimensions.
    -gothic music makes me high.
    and now if you'll excuse me, ill finish reading ang paboritong libro ni hudas by bob ong it's really a great and hilarious book.

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2003-08-05 08:57 (link)


ei, u wore a blue blouse today?


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