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Daniel Jones (nnnabercrombie) wrote,
@ 2004-01-23 18:27:00
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    Current mood: melancholy
    Current music:Hard Knock Life - My sister on her piano

    Its like day 3, a friday!
    Well, I decided to write throughout my school day again today, just so you can get an idea of what a normal day is like and hear my feelings right when I feel them, cuz I tend to speak/write my mind in its current state. Did I just say normal day? Hah I never have a normal day... Well yah so...I woke up, the internet was down, so I just drank some juice and went to school. I had to drive our van cuz my car is in the shop, ugh. My poor baby purple car. As I pulled into the parking lot, there were 4 red cars in the front, which reminded me of Trav's car. Which reminded me of... him. Urgh. I cant stop asking myself questions like... Why? Why is he doing this? Why did this happen? What went wrong? Did I do something? Will things change? etc... Well, I just had to stand up and say the pledge. Well I didnt say it, but I stood up... Now Im writing again during our "Moment of Silence" which Mrs. Cuyar, my spanish teach, enforces. Lemme just go ahead and give you my schedule for each regular 7 period day. I have...

    • Spanish 3 Honors - Mrs Cuyar
    • Economics - Mr King
    • English IV - Mrs Bachman
    • Earth Science - Mrs Bunting
    • Computer Programming - Pernament Sub for Mrs Branham by Ms. Crittenbun or something german
    • Physics - Mrs Nelon
    • PreCal Honors - Mr Frans

    Hey, you know what I just noticed? I only have 2 honors clases now because Govt Honors ended at the end of the semester, yay! Ok so the bells about to ring, Ill write more later, I luv ya guys! (and girls) Alright, well in Spanish we reviewed our future tense some more... Yo ire al cine o de compras manana, cuando yo termina mi SAT. (I might be going to the movies or shopping tomorrow when I end my SAT) Im so proud of my spanish skills lol. Mrs Cuyar just made us sign this poster she will be giving Radio tonight, hes that guy from that movie, Radio. But he's the real one, not Cuban. The real Radio lost his house a couple months ago to some fire. She knows him and he often comes to games when his school is against ours, even though he is like 40 or something... I dunno. He actually came to our football game right after the movie debuted, and I heard at the end during the credits you can even see our school for a second... I dunno if thats true...Ok Im off to Econ. Aww, you guys, I saw Trav on the stairs on my way here to Econ and he just looked at me and I just looked back. (I promised I wouldnt talk to him since he didnt want me to). You guys, I really want him back. Even if he isnt being nice to me now, I really liked him. He made me happy, and I felt special, and oh the list could go on forever. I just wish he could understand what all this means to me. Ok Ill stop talking about him, I try not to but its hard. Ok, g2g. Alright well Im at the end of 5th period now. At Econ we just uh, learned. Then I went to English and researched Jonathan Swift, which was boring, so I emailed Aaron. Ooh fun, some girl from my school in Alabama, Vivian, what a sweety, just asked if she could interview me for an article about gay people for the school paper. She told me she wouldnt use my name though. I was like, heh, Ill do it ONLY IF you do put my name lol. Anyways, back to what I was writing in 5th. Um... Emailing Aaron. Yes... Thanks Aaron, and everyone else who listens to me and doesnt treat me like crap. I named them in my writing but I probably missed some people so Ill just not post them. Heh... you guys know who you are. So then I went to Earth Sci and took some notes and got yelled at for talking. I talked to some girl about John and how he hates me even though he doesnt kno me, which I also did in English, I just forgot to tell you. So then in 5th I did my work and emailed Aaron some more, hes the only one on at the time or I would email all of you, sorry guys. So uh... our sub is so annoying. Ok well then I went to lunch. Some girl that sits near me but I dont really talk to was asking if anyone knew Travis. She wanted to know if he was gay. I was like, um, I just broke up with him. Hes definitely gay. Why? She said she was his friend and wanted to know. I of course then went on to tell her how he treated me and handled everything and asked her to uh... not be friends with him. Haha I know that was evil but I... well he hurt me. Im like jealous of his friends cuz... I dunno I just am. Hard to explain. Then of course I got all teary and almost started crying so, I left. In my journal I go on to describe all the things I still love/miss about him, but... you guys could probably care less. So anyways...hold on... Ok... as if that wasnt bad enough, once we finished lunch and went to Physics... someone just HAD to say... "Oh no mam!" which was one of Trav's sayings... you guys it sounds like Im obsessed with him, Im not, I just really miss him and all. O well... so we did some boring physics work and talked about random stuff a lot. Then in Precal we did boring Precal work. About Logs and stuff... so then I um, left school, dropped off my friend Lauren, picked up my sister, and headed home. Where I got on the computer, chatted a little with this guy named "Bo" but I think its spelt like... Beuas or somethin... and then I ate some "P-sghetti" and now Im back here writing this. I have nothing to do tonight, what a surprise I rarely do... so... I think I might play dominoes with my mom and sister soon. How freakin fucking fun. Alright well Ill talk to you later everyone, thanks for readin my journal and carin!

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