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shaylen (nlfshaylen) wrote,
@ 2004-08-23 15:16:00
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    first problem.
    I learned from Gor from a "Master/Sir" guy I wanted to be with. I liked Him alot but We just couldn't Be..I researched it and entered has a kajira..My first Master was someone named SirMadMaxVane....I started off with Him..He told Me to research I did He and I grew on eachother. I fell in love with Him immediatly...Well one day..I was in a chatroom and This guy sword..He wanted to dominate at this time I was stupid when it came to Gor I would still have trouble calling people Sir..and not submitting..stupid stuff like that. Well anywho..Sword and I were in a chat roo mand I was being My normal Switch self and dominating a girl named Sweetgirl_0034 of Yahoo. O man I hated her. I took her into a room with Me and My Master of the time. and I was dominating her when she told Me My Master was using her..omg I was so angry. I freaked out on Him..and He almost left Me..I cried soooo hard.well I talked to sword about it and found out He was using sweet and she thought He was My it was all His falt..He even told her He was My Master. He talked to Max for about an hour and Max forgave Me for freaking out on Him and all was better. Sword though He tried to ko'lar Me rape Me...anywho. My Master said to Me one day. girl I will be leaving for 2 weeks and then I will return I have a business trip..I told sword and He offered Me protection..mind You sword was not Gorean and Max was.I waited 2 weeks and did everything He told Me too and everything Max..wasn't about sex either We never had sex...He was focused on training Me and I wish He could see Me now..2 weeks passed By quickly and He never came back..I waited 4 months..nothing. I was sad and very scared..because here My protecter isn't protecting Me anymore He is trying to force ko'lar Me what was I going to do.. I changed My sn and just ugh I started over and didn't talk to My protector..or My x Master again..

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2006-03-25 23:34 (link)
hi, i can relate to a lot of what you're saying. could you tell me what ko'lar means?

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