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Nineve (nineve) wrote,
@ 2003-04-29 02:06:00
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    Current mood: cranky

    I have really cliched and girly interests. It's quite disheartening really. Have a look at them. I sound like a twit. It sounds a bit better now and more reflective of me since I added a few more things to it. Things that weren't about nature and animals and new age. I'm disappointed no one else likes nuclear power though. Don't you realise it's a far cleaner source of power and far less people die in nuclear power plants than say coal powered plants?

    Don't you dare say a word to condemn nuclear power unless you actually know facts about it. I had some lovely Greenpeace boy come up and try to convince me Lucas Heights is bad and the nuclear power is bad. Um, darling, I think I know a bit more about nuclear power than you do, why don't you go learn about it, then come back to me.

    In one year, a nuclear power plant will produce a metre cubed of nuclear waste.

    If you think that's a lot, and a lot to get rid of, you simply have no concept of space. Try to understand its enormity. A metre cubed is miniscule. Have a think about how much garbage you throw out every week. Do you think that just disappears? No, it gets buried in landfill. Now imagine all the landfill there would be in the world.

    Just go do some research on nuclear power.

    I mean, for crying out loud. I find it hard to believe that all these people who work in nuclear power plants etc. want to pollute the world, drop bombs on other countries and mutate and deform children.

    Any activist too far left or right is an idiot. Hurrah for evaluating both sides of an argument.

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2003-04-30 15:32 (link)
i like how you sneaked up and joined oh so quiet. *grin*

hello. ^_^

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