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Jennifer (nilbrethil) wrote,
@ 2003-10-25 11:32:00
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    Current mood:nervous
    Current music:Something Corperate ---> Hurricane

    Homecoming night
    Homecoming tonight! I went and got my hair straightened this morning. It took her an hour and a half for my hairdresser to finish, but I think it looks really nice.

    After the dance..
    Jaina was an hour late becasue her "waiter didn't bring her food on time". Yah, like I buy that story. She had me and Ashley's tickets, so we couldn't get in without her. The dance was ok. Inside was really hot, and sweat was condensating on the fans and dripping onto the kids below. Grossed me out. The music inside was better though. Ashley requested an AFI song. Jaina, Ashley, and I were singing it while everyone else walked out, obviously disgusted. Then the DJ stopped it halfway through when he noticed his audience was leaving. Lol. Good stuff.

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2003-11-02 12:59 (link)
my story was true. the waiter was a bit on the large side so it took him awhile if ya know what i mean...NOT MY PROBLEM! oh well, at least i didn't have to wait an hour haha...and yes the AFI thing was quite funny...half the crowd left lol and that fan thing is nasty...u do know we were all standing in front of it right?....

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2003-11-02 13:26 (link)
Yah, that was just disgusting. My friend told me that the Seniors had their prom at some club becasue sweat drips every year, but the ac at that club broke so they were all soaked with sweat and couldn't go outside. Ew. And that AFI thing was classic. I'm gonna remember that for a loooong time, lol

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