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I Want to Touch You, But I Know I Can't Touch You (nikkiv001) wrote,
@ 2004-02-06 20:20:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:Law & Order: SVU

    All right now, I don't usually read horoscopes. I don't buy them at all, it's all complete bullshit to me and only for naive prepubescents. But I was bored tonight and sitting here reading the TV guide (lol) and I was scanning them reading what they said. I get to mine and I expect to see what it always says for me, something about my work or business associates and all my love affairs. All of that is basically non-existent so my horoscopes are completely wrong anyways. But this time, I got this...

    Don't let anyone limit your creative expression. If you have something to say, then go right ahead and don't worry about whose tender sensibilities you might offend. If freedom means anything, it means the right to be provocative.

    Hahaha!!! That actually fits me!! Completely. I was shocked, I've never read a horoscope that actually fit a person. Well, it did this time. Although I know it was pure chance and coincidence, it's still funny to me. Ahh yes, the life of a Libra.

    I'm spent.

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