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im heaven sent. dont. you. dare. forget. (nikkitheloser) wrote,
@ 2003-11-25 21:27:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:oh there isnt any!

    only one day left!!!
    so im going to gma and gpas tomorrow! its going to be an enjoyable experience!
    although i wish i could be here.. because it would be a great opportunity for bonding time... err..

    so.. yeah im not really liking what i saw today... she's going to be there all the time like she was that one time... but if it makes him happy then im happy for him, and ill grin and bear it!

    im so sorry bestfriend!! i hope everything will turn out ok! i love you soooooo much! i wish i could be here for you this weekend:-\

    today was fun, minus the me and alex wanting to throw up thing.... and the shaking.. and the.. haha nevermind but yeah it was fun! hahaha

    if i wasnt in vegas i would be here:
    wednesday: show WITH DREW DREW
    thursday: home because its THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!
    friday: most likely taco bell and or laurens
    saturday:making kyle hang out with me.. hahah awwhh i miss kyle
    sunday:church..... with the new cute missionary

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