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¤ºnikkiº¤ (nikkistar02) wrote,
@ 2003-09-04 19:46:00
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    Current mood: high
    Current music:Buried Myself Alive - The Used. [ yay katie! <3 ]

    ugh. back to school.
    yippe skippie! >>sarcasim.<<

    >>Well. school started yesterday. and the day went by exceptionally FAST! lol yeah so my teachers are a-ok.
    uhm, bio. lab and bio >>ms. kaplan .. uhm, shes aiight.. kinda.."spacy?"<< uhmm..italian...>>omg i dont remember anything, and my teacher ms. iovine, is like a posessed italian! its her life! lol<< global history, i hate the class..>>my teacher is amazing though lol so funny! laughed so hard.. haha but yeah.. he's strict. really strict.<< uhmm..english.. im gonna die! its such a hard class and its only the 2nd day i dont belong there..>>oh and my male teacher is taking maternity leave.. bastard.<< then i have lunch with Loreto, Lindsey, Rose, Colleen, Alyssa, Sherin, Veronica, and uhm.. Trisha[opposite days lol] and some other peoples. <3
    so what comes next...? oh.. theater, which isnt a bad class. i have it with Ashley and its a huge class, with some really nice people in it [>my teachers a little.."high?" but whatever..<< then comes Crim. Law. COOL CLASS! very awesome.. it'll be one of those classes where i can argue about stuff.. and i am very good at that! lol >>same teacher as global, btw.<< and then its off to Math, and i'm done for the day.
    math needs no explanation.

    >>so yey! me and katie are all "goody goody" now!! whee haa! lol
    i guess we both came to our senses, and realized that we were fighing over pretty much nothing.. when i thought about it, it wasnt worth losing a life-long friend/sister over. so yeah.
    hopefully that stanza enlightened you. lol

    On To My Thought For Today
    >>My definition of "friend" cannot be looked up in the dictionary. this is because, it wouldnt all fit! a friend is one of those people who stand out in your life. the ones who are worth remembering, and you get the impulse to call and talk about nothingness into wee hours of the morning on friday night. A friend, is always there for you. Will make you laugh. [especially when you are upset] Because, when you ARE upset, and in 'full blown bawling' mode.. your friend will be there, to tell you that everuthing will be allright. and even if at that moment, it wont be allright, they'll amke sure to promise it'll get better in te future. Hell, your friends can even be the ones to make you cry. When they say something exceptionally sweet, or something that makes you feel better, or just plain awesome. And, why not? if you really do look like crap one day.. your friend will be there to tell you that you do, and seriously, you dont even care, because you know that they still love you nomatter how messy your hair is. haha. There there to shut you up, when your about to say something ridiculous, stupid. And they'll comfort you, when things are bad at home, or at school. A friend is that someone, that you always pick out from the rest, and say.. "thats who's keeping me alive when things are going really bad and thats who is keeping me sane, when things get crazy. and thats who's making me laugh, when something hilarious happens. thats my best friend in the whole world."
    and thats what my friends mean to me.
    [ you <3 know <3 who <3 you <3 are ]
    in my opinion, no matter what anyone says, your friends should be based on feelings. not on how they do in school, or what their family is like. friendships are based on having that person to fall back on. and thats all that matters.
    to me, atleast.

    >>::sigh:: i'm done.
    thank you for listening. to all that jibber jabber. lol

    .x. nikki .x.

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