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Nikki (nikkibob) wrote,
@ 2003-04-14 12:06:00
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    Current mood: disappointed
    Current music:Christina Aguilera "Impossible"

    i'm watchin heartbreakers with jennifer love hewitt and sigourney weaver. I LUV THAT MOVIE!!!!!! lol
    and i rewrote mariah carey ft. jay-z's heartbreaker hehehe (wow i am really bored!!! heheh)

    "Heartbreaker (The Obsessed Remix)"

    Aight, let's go
    don't Gimme your love--
    Hey, you gotta bounce to this like this
    You're almost kinda watching this
    Whoo oo oo
    Oh you think i look so good
    you don't wanna let go
    And although you should
    you won't leave me alone
    'Cause you think i'm oh-so charming
    you're caught-up in the midst
    of me and you can not resist at all
    (Chorus 1):
    Boy why don't you do
    The things you want to do
    The way you used to do
    Why are you so in love with me
    Holding me feelin' you
    I don't mean to go and break your heart
    (Chorus 2):
    Heartbreaker I've got the best of you
    but you keep on coming back thinkin this is true
    Oh I never meant to run my game on you
    You should have known right from the start
    I'd go and break your heart
    (Don't gimme your love)--8x
    I like it when you chill with me
    But you take it too deep
    when you smile at me
    and you tell me the things
    that you know you've repeatedly stated
    Can you not take a clue?
    it's not gonna go that far
    (Chorus 1)
    (Chrous 2)
    (JAY-Z RAP):
    he wanna shop wit me
    play box wit me
    he wanna call me in the middle of the night
    he wanna play, pretend he's my boyfriend
    he wanna creep past the block, spyin' again
    he wanna roll wit me, call me suga pea
    he wanna fight all these guys cuz he thinks i'm his chick
    he wanna follow me all around the suburbs
    blow my day, always disturb
    he want
    make love in the Jacuzzi
    Rub up in the movies
    me to be forever his,
    meet his family in the middle east
    he wanna
    answer the phone
    buy us a redneck farm
    me his madame, him my monsieur
    taste all my lip balm
    he call me indian shaker
    when we apart i'm his heartbreaker
    wanna piece of paper,
    scribble down "love ya!"
    But she know he love me because
    he's obsessed with everything I say I does, and a...
    (Chorus 2)
    (Chorus 2)

    lol voulez-vous sairer qui j'ai ecrirer la chason pour? oui lol u guessed it!!! heheeh
    je ne vais pas dire le nom parce'que je jamais sairer qui vas voit mon journal! j'esperas rien personnes qui je connait, parce'que c'est personnel!!! heheh

    but really though, he is totally obsessed with me and it is really freaky lol it is really only pushing me away from him. he thinks this is all true love and everything but the more he pushes it, the further away he pushes me hmmm i'll keep u updated

    and b4 i 4get, my spring break is terrible!! i thought i might b able to go 2 charlotte, but i guess not :( now i'm just stuck here in MooMoo grrrrrrrr

    luv ya,

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