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Matthew (livinginadream) wrote in nihongo,
@ 2003-02-23 17:20:00
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    i meant: I'm now 19

    i see the dyslexia show more and more everyday

    anyhoo to make this not a complete pointless message:

    fav. anime's include: princess mononoke, spirited away, KOR, kenshin, love hinna and more of course

    and i suppose i do have a question, really more of a wonder, what is with giving the peace sign? i mean like how did this start. i don't have any problem with it of course just wondered what was the coming about why's it still so popular...anyhoo that's it for tonight, thanks ahead.

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2003-02-23 19:46 (link)
That's a good question. I never thought of "why" before, I just know they (most often school girls) use it all the time in pictures. But anyway, Welcome to the community ^_^ *peace*

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2003-03-02 13:09 (link)
I don't know why it's so popular, but it sure is contagious isn't it? I thought it was peace for a long time too, but my friends have all told me that it stands for the 'v' in "victory" (or "shouri" in Japanese). One of my friends likes to yell out "Shoooooori!" when she does it. So, yeah, it's more "victory" than "peace."

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2003-04-11 18:39 (link)
yep, it stands for 'v' in victory. japanese like to take western things because they think it makes them more trendy. but they always add their own little twist to it, sort of making it their own thing. just like pizza except they have their own kind of unusual ingredients for it (tuna and mayonnaise isn't something i can see on pizza type things but they seem to like it (^^;;))

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