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niftlift123 (niftlift123) wrote,
@ 2012-04-24 16:38:00
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    Niftylift Promoting Work Safety with Tough Cage
    Innovative technology in line with other safety features of company's work platforms

    Niftylift boasts enhanced safety features in its cherry pickers that incorporate the Tough Cage technology. Tough Cage offers a safer work environment for labourers engaged in work at heights.

    The company recognised the need for a safety feature such as the Tough Cage, seeing the feedback from the rental industry about the work platform cage being damaged during operation. Niftylift Sales Manager Tim Ward expressed, “We've spent an awful lot of time, money and energy and I'm designing a more proper cage and to hopefully to alleviate this problem.” The resulting cage technology is made from tougher composite material to make the cage more resistant to impact and damage.

    Niftylift's Tough Cage technology has undergone extensive testing to ensure that it is durable enough for the challenges of work platforms on site. “We tested it for welding splatter, we've hit it with a sledgehammer, and we’ve got big weights on it. to make sure it meets the most stressful requirements of a normal day in the steel industry,” said John Kelly, managing director of Niftylift.

    The company also designed the Tough Cage to consider the repair and maintenance of the work platform cage. Steve Redding, development director of Niftylift, explained the findings they have seen on the marketplace. “In the past when the cage is damaged in any area and beyond repair, then that means that the whole cage has to be effectively destroyed,” Redding said. The company hopes to end such practice, which usually equates to bigger overall costs for the work platform operating company.

    The conceptualisation of the Tough Cage led to a special design that allows for the replacement of only the damaged part of cage. "Obviously just replacing the top part is a much reduced cost of the product,” Redding added. The rails of the Tough Cage are so designed that if they get damaged, they can be replaced easily at a lower cost. Damaged parts can easily be detached from the cage and replaced with a new part.

    Tough Cage consists of a composite base tough enough to absorb strong force and a bigger cage for added strength and durability aimed at protecting the operator of the work platform. The design is intended to minimise the chances of damage to the cage and the entire work platform.

    The Tough Cage technology is in line with Niftylift's focus on improving safety features in cherry pickers. SiOPS (Sustained Involuntary Operation Prevention System) is Niftylift's other safety technology available in the higher end models of the company's work platform line of products.

    SiOPS is designed to prevent involuntary operation of the work platform whenever the operator gets trapped against the cage and an overhead obstruction. If ever an accident happens and the operator gets trapped and pushed over the controls, the machine will stop to avoid involuntary movement of the machine. The SiOPS and the Tough Cage perfectly project Niftylift's dedication to help improve safety in boom lift operations.

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