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niftlift123 (niftlift123) wrote,
@ 2012-04-10 17:24:00
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    Niftylift Enhances Work Platform Stability
    Cherry pickers specially designed for all terrain types

    Niftylift has enhanced stability features in its line of work platforms to address requirements in work on different types of terrain. The company sees the need for efficient elevated work platforms on rugged terrain and steep slopes, leading it to develop a track drive series.

    Not many work platforms in the market meet the stability needed to work on rugged environments. Niftylift's track drive line of work platforms include the TD120TN, TD120T for working height of 12 meters, the TD150T for 15 meter working height, and the TD170 for working height of 17 meter.

    The track drive series is specifically designed to respond to stability and traction requirements for such work environments. Depending on the working height, the track drive can work at steep gradients. For instance, “the TD120TN access platform delivers 60% gradeability with excellent traction on steep or rough terrain and will pass through a 0.75m opening for restricted access applications,” the company said.

    Niftylift has designed several models for the track drive series to perform at different heights and gradients. Track drive boom lifts for work height of 12 meters have higher grade ability than the models for 14 meters and 17 meters working height. The company's track drive boom lifts are designed to access areas that even four wheel drive work platforms would find hard to work on.

    Niftylift, which delivers a full range of boom lifts including static base, trailer mounted, self propelled and self drive work platforms, offers the track drive access platforms models for heights 12 meters to more than 17 meters. The track drive access platforms feature the capabilities of Niftylift's trailer mounted work platforms and self propelled boom lifts so they can be operated from the platform while stowed.

    The track drive access platforms are designed with hydraulic outriggers to enable simple operation and set up while on rugged terrain. The boom lifts' proportional controls allow easy operation of the machine. The company further enhanced the performance of the track drive elevated work platforms by incorporating fly-booms, telescopic booms and platform rotation features into the machine.

    Even as stability and traction have been improved in the track drive work platforms, maneuverability and compactness are features that are also considered. The track drive machines are all lightweight to allow easy movement from site to site. This helps save energy consumed in the operation.

    Niftylift stays committed to its focus on providing clean energy systems in its work platform machines. Some of the track drives access platforms are built with bi-energy, combining battery and diesel to leverage the benefits of using the two power sources together for maximum performance. The power options in Niftylift's machines also enable the use of cleaner energy, which is ideal for use in indoor operations.

    Users have the option to avail of non marking tracks for the Niftylift track drive elevated work platform. The rubber-free urethane tracks were developed specifically for indoor usage. “Ideal for internal or clean applications, these tracks will increase the number of locations that the track drive access platform can work, greatly improving its utilisation,” according to the company.

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