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niftlift123 (niftlift123) wrote,
@ 2012-03-28 17:17:00
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    Niftylift Boom Lift Machines Move Up
    Work Platforms combine power technology with safety innovations
    Niftylift continues to please the rental industry with its range of cherry pickers that incorporates advanced technology in power use and safety features. The company, which services Europe, Australia, Asia, South Africa and the US, strives to meet each particular usage requirements for boom lift machines.
    The company offers a broad range of work platforms that include trailer mounted, self propelled and self drive machines. Niftylift boom lift machines are also available as track drive or static base machines. Each cherry picker features light weight design and a compact body suitable for various tasks at heights. In addition, the company boasts innovations that serve as key features in all its machines. Niftylift expressed, “innovations such as SiOPS, ToughCage and Hybrid Technology give Niftylift cherry pickers, boom lifts and work platforms a sizable advantage in terms of safety and environmental consciousness.”
    Niftylift boom lifts are designed to perform work at heights ranging from 9 metres to 21 metres. Each product line of work platform machines is developed with specific features suited for particular types of work. Niftylift's compact and lightweight design is complemented by the manoeuvrability of each boom lift machine.
    Every design is driven by Niftylift's focus on customer satisfaction. “We maintain an ongoing commitment to our customers to consistently produce high quality innovative products that meet or exceed their expectations,” said the company. “We understand the importance of reliability, ease of operation, minimal maintenance, and excellent after sales support to our customers,” it added.
    Central to Niftylift success is the inclusion of highly innovative safety design features and environmentally friendly power technology in its higher end models. Models such as the Height Rider 17 Hybrid 4x4 machine carry the ToughCage technology, a proprietary technology of Niftylift designed to be an effective protective structure for the work platform operator.
    Made from strong, impact resistant composite base and a bigger steel cage, Niftylift's ToughCage effectively protects the user from impact injuries. The durable and impact resistant body minimises potential damage to the cage itself and absorbs the force from a collision.
    Niftylift enhances safety features in the higher end boom lifts with the SiOPS (Sustained Involuntary Operation Prevention System) technology. As with ToughCage, SiOPS is aimed at preventing unwanted injuries or accidents, which could potentially lead to fatalities. The system intelligently stops involuntary operation of the work platform whenever the user gets trapped between the cage and an overhead obstruction.
    Niftylift goes up a notch in the competition when it comes to adopting environmentally friendly machines. Its hybrid power system demonstrates this most. Niftylift's hybrid technology provides the user more power choices depending on the task at hand. Operators can choose electric only with zero emission and quiet operation, making this machine ideal for indoor operations. The user can also choose to boost the power of the machine by combining the power of the diesel engine with the electric motor.
    Despite the bulk of features added on to the higher end model boom lift machines, Niftylift work platforms still come in a compact body that is easy to move around the site.

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