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Mego (nguc) wrote,
@ 2003-10-20 23:08:00
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    Current mood: cold
    Current music:radio

    Not much to say...
    Fencing was pretty good...I got in some sabre and foil with Dale; fenced Ben Weber too. Beat Ben at foil..I think? And lost to Dale in it..then beat his ass in sabre..twice...hehehe...cocky, he's nice. Chloe showed up, but wasn't feeling well, so she had her dad come pick her up.

    I took a practice PSAT test today...I have to take them tomorrow..and I did...grr...above average, but still, was horrible, I had soooo many wrong....I don't care, call me a perfectionist...whatever....I want to get 200...that's not going to happen, but we can all hope, right? *smacks self* riiiight...hope...hahahahahaha....

    Trish called today, and then I had to call her back after my practice test thingy..didn't get to talk long..she seemed..idk...happy? But idk if she really really was...because the phone is even different than online, and I wish it weren't, but I"m different on the phone and in person than online too, more personal, and it seems like you shouldn't be ranting to people or something..idk..but...I wish that we could get more friendly on the phone, and I could know for sure how she's feeling. Eh, well...blergh..idk...

    I have a bruise from fencing..YAYNESS..don't call my crazy because I like that..that's your problem...bleh....

    I'm going to go make a quick phone call....can't stay up too long....I try to get sleep..heh...even when other's can't..but

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