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newuggboots (newuggboots) wrote,
@ 2012-02-15 14:49:00
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    2 stabbed 13 junior high scho-Women Ugg Short Boot
    What makes them so crazy? Two 16-year-old Li, Li (both his real name) is a plain Zhenmou Binchuan County School high school students. January 19, they want to get some money to spend, much deliberation decided to go to a junior high school next to stealing money. They found the usual Yang Jun believed, that a friend in trouble should his help, so two out of the school with Li. 3 were prepared with a knife, steel bars and other tools to Hirakawa junior high walls, ugg butte worchester, the time is 1:00 pm. Li, Li Yang Jun was told that the money should go to compete for students. Yang Jun Some fear not to go, so Li, Li from the northwest corner of the plain wall over the wall into the junior high school, Yang Jun, the knife, ugg australia, steel bars and handed Li, Li, and waiting outside the fence. Li came two junior high boys’ dormitory, Li Li sentry at the door to, Li a knife into the student dormitory, cheap men ugg butte boots uk, has for 19 boarding students YuanMou other to commit robbery. The students were sleeping Xiaxing, but they who have no money, most of the body out of a few dollars, ten dollars. And some students say the two will be playing, and some students had an argument against with Li, Li Yang actually stabbed with a knife after another, and 13 boarders. Finally, he stole more than 40 dollars, and Li fled the scene. Students in the evening immediately report to the teacher, the school called the police … … identified, was stabbed 13 students were injured Sometimes, in which Yang and other five to the hospital for treatment. Before long, Li and other three people were arrested. 3 and 5 the victim’s parents reached a compensation agreement, and has made five victims of understanding. Recently, Binchuan court hearing of the case. The prosecution has charged three people’s behavior violated the criminal law, constitute a robbery. 3 accused confessed to their crime. The court held that three crime over 16 years of age, age of criminal responsibility; but under 18 years of age, after a good attitude to justice, Women Ugg Short Boots, compensation for loss of the victim, the victim to obtain understanding, according to the law can be punished more leniently. Court ruling recently: Li guilty of robbery and sentenced to 3 years and 6 months imprisonment and fined 5000 yuan. Li guilty of robbery and sentenced to 3 years imprisonment and fined 5000 yuan. Yang Jun, guilty of robbery and sentenced to 1 year and 6 months, suspended for two years and fined 5000 yuan.

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