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cheever (cheever) wrote in news,
@ 2006-03-31 22:59:00
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How to Convert DV to dvd on Mac
2011-01-24 10:02 (link)
Digital electronic camera is progressively well-known today. Most households have shot a tremendous choice of home videos. With dv to dvd mac converter for mac, you can now turn your electronic home films into trendy digital video disc and reveal it with one another with your friends. You will say proudly:"Because of dv to dvd converter for mac, I produced a unique DVD."

Today, we would want to advise easy methods to convert dv to dvd mac activity by step.

Step one obtain mac dv to dvd converter

Step a few of Import DV films and edit them
Import DV films to this mac dv to dvd converter by clicking "add" indication or drag the data files using the storyboard.

DVD menu editing: choose out a marvelous digital video disc menu theme as is showed below; customize thumbnail, history audio tracks (for powerful &static templates); personalize history image, frame, button, word (only for static templates).
Videos editing on Mac: trim undesirable sections, crop the dark edge, rotate, include titles, and set up a whole great offer more effects.

Step three melt away DV to digital video disc on Mac
After previewing , click "burn" to begin your tour of burning dv to dvd on mac.

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