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SpongeRob~ (bertho) wrote in news,
@ 2004-01-02 20:37:00
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How to convert vob to mov
2011-04-28 08:33 (link)
As we know, Quicktime facilitates MOV structure video, which may nicely be considered a standard multimedia structure frequently employed for saving films collectively with other film data files and is also compatible with the two Macintosh and house windows platforms. occasionally people these times would would rather keep track of VOB films by means of Quicktime. So how can we convert VOB to MOV in an extremely uncomplicated way?

To convert vob to mov, we phone call for just about any VOB to MOV Converter, which assists to attain the method in only three steps.
Step 1: include VOB files

To include VOB files, you can just drag film away from your document folders in the direction of the report within operating window, or click "Add video" icon (with a as well as sign), to select the document you desire to convert.

Step 2: founded output format

Click the icon of gear, which prospects to an "Advanced" window. choose the structure of "MOV".

Convert VOB to MOV

Tips: This vob to mov converter also allows to edit the film earlier to the conversion.

Select a film within document list, click "edit" menu, or click the "Edit video" button. then you definitely can optimize you VOB by cropping, altering film effect, etc.
Step 3: start conversion

Click "Start" to begin converting your film from vob to mov. shortly after that you simply can click "Find Target" to locate out in which the output MOV data files are saved.

Tips: truly this VOB to MOV Converter not merely assists to convert film from VOB to MOV, but on top of that convert film in between all types of other formats, even such as structure supported on iPad/iPod/iPhone, etc.

Tags: vob to mov conversion, convert .vob to .mov, how to convert vob to mov

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