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Miaow (miaow) wrote in news,
@ 2003-12-15 11:13:00
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2003-12-15 19:36 (link)
She is part of the Blurty Team that very much sacrifices a lot of her time to help with a gazillion things on this site, so in essence you ARE speaking of her and myself. If you notice we have support points, you might want to check out what you are talking about before you open your big mouth. Talk about vocabulary I'm sure asslicker is on the top of what to type when you actually want to sound like you have been through at least grade school. You should appreciate what angel and any of the other countless volunteers do everyday just so you can keep up with your precious journal. Next time before you start spouting at the mouth look at the real situation.

Over 400 support requests were open with the same exact questions, those replying in a sarcastic sort of manner were those who actually were on the board answering the same requests over and over again, it's monotonous, and sometimes you need to blow off a little steam. In a humurous sort of way. As to say, until you sit down and answer 400 some odd support requests with the same freaking answer, have people hound you in your personal journal as to what is wrong with the site, like you have a magic 8-ball with all the answers, or they find your email on your info and email you off site bugging you for answers. Then and only then can you really come up in here with a real comeback, and until this happens I vote for , exactly what angel said to you.

Of all things you should just be thanking miaow for doing a great job on this site and not worrying about 1% downtime a year!

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2003-12-16 14:56 (link)
Who the hell would want a petty net fight? I forgot obviously conversational dislikes are dead? "all these blurty ass lickers being so offensive when people ask a simple question. " ... who else would be answering the people? Yeah, that is exactly what I meant and why people who I was speaking of would take offence. Some people just need to get a sense of humor, learn when others are blowing off smoke, and really just chill out. I don't go out of my way to be rude, it was horribly frustrating I'm happy this bout is over with.

Personally I don't vote. :) Till next time.

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2003-12-16 18:22 (link)
Aw, what happened to the user? :(


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2003-12-17 01:51 (link)
Ahahahahahahah. Who would have thought ;)

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