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Miaow (miaow) wrote in news,
@ 2003-08-19 02:29:00
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2003-08-19 07:27 (link)

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2009-11-25 11:03 (link)
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Transfer ePub files between iPad and Mac – rip DVD/convert video to iPad
2010-08-24 22:55 (link)
Transfer ePub files between iPad and Mac – rip DVD/convert video to iPad
For many Apple users, to have a multi-performance support tool is a great thing. But even if you have all the iPad, iPhone, iPhone Touch of multi-tools, you will certainly encounter a lot of trouble. For example, some people may be using your iPad, but do not know how to use it to transfer ePub files between iPad and Mac and what tools to use, how to do it. Some people will want to convert PDF to ePub , so they can read e-books on their iPad. Also some people want to burn PDF files to ePub to be used on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch.
But after you finish reading this article, you will not worry about these things, and then you will know how to go for your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch use professional tools to meet some of you common and uncommon problems. Now I will recommend you the best tools and the best way to do these things. You can use the powerful iPad Mate to rip DVD/convert video to iPad with high quality. Also you can convert your movie, music, and audio files to iPad. And you can use this best PDF to ePub Converter to copy PDF files to ePub without damage your important PDF files.

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