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cheever (cheever) wrote in news,
@ 2003-06-01 07:57:00
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    Saturday night maintenance hopefully complete
    Hi everyone. We had a little unexpected downtime last night. We're still not sure exactly why, but it had something to do with a router and some networking and electricity and humans. You know, the usual stuff.

    Sorry about that, hopefully it won't happen again too soon! We hope you had a great Saturday night without us. :-)

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2003-06-01 11:17 (link)
Well, glad to hear that everything is in working order! Please keep up all the great work you've done so far with the site.

Blurty is my Saturday nights..

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Re: Humans.. - long2008y, 2009-08-30 08:21:37
Re: Humans.. - xiaolinzi, 2009-11-25 11:04:58

Problems with Software
2003-06-01 13:11 (link)
Hey, it's the firt time i post here because i'm pretty new at Blurty.
I noticed the downtime last night. And right now i still cannot connect with the software to update my diary.
I don't know if it's related...

Anyway, i love Blurty!!!!!!!! i should have joined before :( i wanna be an 'Early Adopter'!!!! :(

Thank you anyway, this is the best community of journals on internet!

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Re: Problems with Software - slayerslapper, 2004-06-24 16:34:16
Re: Problems with Software - long2008y, 2009-08-30 08:22:03

2003-06-01 13:27 (link)
I'm glad to hear that the down time wasn't caused by any long term server issues.

Also I'd like to note that I just finished reading the first page of comments on the last post... At this moment in my life I am so ashamed to have to call myself a 'teen'. I came to Blurty, and yes lied about my age, to get away from people who post 'lik dis in dar jurnal all da time!!11' Personally it gives me one big headache. -_- I can understand why you are all looking for somewhere to avoid that. I also know that if I get kicked it's my own fault << I'm the one who lied, so why get all upset with the maintainers?

That's just my veiw on it.


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(no subject) - long2008y, 2009-08-30 08:22:26

My 2 cents
2003-06-01 13:54 (link)
With downtime like that you guys could do well with a seprate staus page like live journal has, now I know "we're not live journal" but it would have given those of us who do alot on blurty to get a heads up while were waiting to get back on blurty. I know last night I swore it was my computer and not blurty. but it woulda been cool to go to a staus page and see that :P. any who. thats just my 2 cents.

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Re: My 2 cents - bertho, 2003-06-02 05:31:16

2003-06-01 14:51 (link)
I lived through it.

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2003-06-01 17:53 (link)
I <3 blurty
Even though I had to suffer through a night of not being able to post, I'm happy to hear it was a minor error, and not a big problem, or some downtime you've been planning for weeks and just didn't tell us about. It freaked me out though, because for a while I used, which I stopped using because the server was so horrible at the time and I was worried that was gonna happen to blurty. Thanks for taking care of the problem quickly instead of just rolling your eyes and saying "oh, I'll get to it later" [which is totally something I would do >.<]
x_X Bye!

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2003-06-01 17:53 (link)
hooray!!! I'm so relieved! I spent way too much time at Action Figure Theater last night.

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(no subject) - bennybighair, 2003-06-08 23:28:16
Re: - miss_farmer, 2003-06-08 23:55:06
(no subject) - long2008y, 2009-08-30 08:23:14

2003-06-01 18:00 (link)

I'll get over it ... hopefully. :(

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(no subject) - long2008y, 2009-08-30 08:24:14

(Reply from suspended user)
(no subject) - anthony, 2003-06-05 01:15:22

2003-06-02 01:02 (link)
Thank goodness it's back to normal now.....I was a lil' afraid something would happen to my blog! have a great time too!

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(no subject) - long2008y, 2009-08-30 08:24:39

I have a suggestion
2003-06-02 03:07 (link)
I have a suggestion. I believe that Blurty should consider anyone who had an account before paid accounts came out an Early Adopter. Intill you have the paid accounts, Free Users are kind of getting the bad end of the deal. I just think you should consider changing this.

A Free User who wants to be treated the same as an Early Adopter

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Re: I have a suggestion - i_am_nobody, 2003-06-02 10:54:10
Re: I have a suggestion - angel, 2003-06-06 13:49:26
Re: I have a suggestion - anthony, 2003-06-06 19:22:39
Re: I have a suggestion - its_about_tasha, 2003-06-14 14:42:42
Re: I have a suggestion - anthony, 2003-06-18 07:31:55
Re: I have a suggestion - icicle_tulip, 2003-06-03 20:06:56
Re: I have a suggestion - goofyjackson, 2003-06-08 16:36:19
Re: I have a suggestion - kiss, 2003-06-13 18:01:06
Re: I have a suggestion - anthony, 2003-06-14 11:24:10
Re: I have a suggestion - mrcanadianpie, 2003-07-15 03:18:00
Re: I have a suggestion - aeagle20, 2003-07-28 01:34:35

2003-06-03 17:51 (link)
Yay! Welcome back blurty. We missed you!
Blurty isn't only my saturday night...but my whole week. -_-

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(no subject) - long2008y, 2009-08-30 08:29:53
(no subject) - long2008y, 2009-08-30 08:31:02

2003-06-03 20:20 (link)
When will you be offering paid accounts?

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(no subject) - anthony, 2003-06-05 01:08:59
(no subject) - long2008y, 2009-08-30 08:25:25
(no subject) - long2008y, 2009-08-30 08:26:03
(no subject) - long2008y, 2009-08-30 08:26:03
(no subject) - edhardy11, 2010-03-18 23:00:57

2003-06-03 23:58 (link)
On my old journal I was allowed 6icons with a free account, but with this account I am only allowed 3...Why?

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(no subject) - anthony, 2003-06-05 01:16:45

(Reply from suspended user)

2003-06-04 14:23 (link)
Yeah you fixed it really fast thought good job *_*

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(no subject) - long2008y, 2009-08-30 08:34:11

2003-06-05 04:39 (link)
I did not, in fact, live through it. I died, and was brought back to life by a complex set of arcane potions and necromancy.

Either that, or I fell asleep and I woke up and grabbed some juice. One or the other.

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(no subject) - long2008y, 2009-08-30 08:34:36

(Reply from suspended user)
(no subject) - anthony, 2003-06-05 17:04:31

2003-06-07 10:32 (link)
Blurty is the best. Good to hear the maintaince is finished.


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2003-06-07 16:53 (link)
yea i am new and it is awesome how do u get icons?!

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(no subject) - long2008y, 2009-08-30 08:35:19

(Reply from suspended user)
Re: Pleaze HELP Me - angel, 2003-06-11 03:05:18
Re: Pleaze HELP Me - anthony, 2003-06-11 06:58:52

2003-06-14 19:24 (link)
okaty maybe you can help me.. I have well had another Blurty username: ApatheticRage Now its telling me that it is suspended and ahh i dunno what happend!! help?! please?

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Re: HELP? - motive, 2003-08-04 05:45:10

2003-06-18 09:48 (link)
This doesn't really have anything to do with that but, I was wondering if there was a reason I wasn't getting emails saying I had comments until hours after I got the comments? It could very well be my email address, but all my other emails seem to be getting to me within minutes after they're sent. Thanks.

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(Reply from suspended user)
(no subject) - sirto, 2003-06-22 20:10:17

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