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cheever (cheever) wrote in news,
@ 2003-04-19 16:11:00
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Re: is that what you want pussy
2003-04-27 20:04 (link)
Hello sixteen year old prick. I do hope you realize that as a free user you're in direct violation of the TOS and probably quickly on your way to getting your journal tossed. It's people like you who are the exact reason why we want Blurty to STAY 18+

you wanna fuckin argue, u want sum1 (OMG DID I JUST PUT THAT NUMBER THERE INSTEAD OF LETTERS : O !)

Yes, yes you did. Do you want a medal? Or some nice shiny award you can put on your website?

you want a good argument, well check out mi god danm journal then you pussy. and comment to me on what the fuck you think. bkuz you stupid fuckers dont give enough room on this comment part of the site.

I'd like to point out that constant use of the word "fuck" really doesn't do much to strengthen your argument at all. There's actually plenty of room in the comment section of the site for comments, if you actually had the editing skills to reduce your rants down to something short and to the point.

now go and give me an argument back. why dont you prove me wrong you fucking asshole.

Your uninspired gobbledygook response to a simple enforcement of the TOS really defeats itself. Too bad you don't think it's fair for you and all your 18- friends, but life's not fair. Get over this fact and you might actually be able to hold an intelligent conversation with an adult in a couple years. If you can cough up the $5,000+ it takes to start up a service like Blurty, then you can make your own service and make your own rules. If you can't, shut up and deal with it.

u wanna challenge the mind of a 16 year old prick? u wanna step into the mind of this muther fucker?

What for? If this post is anything to go by, your mind is singularly uninteresting. I make it a policy not to step into the mind of people who can't even type a full sentence in real English.

kome on u fuckin pussy. kome challange me. kome read what the fuck i gotta say you moron. and then give me feed back, and tell me whop the real mature one is, a 16 year old boi, or a fucking thirty year old who is so fucking obsessed with nintendo and creates a fantasy world and plays along in it. whos the mature one now you fuck.

Me, I'd take the thirty-year-old over you. If I wanted to talk to a sixteen year old "boi" I'd talk to my brother.. but WAIT, he's light-years more mature than you are, since he can at least form coherent sentences and doesn't just spout obscenity-laden pseudo-threats at an open forum! And franky, considering the state of affairs with most teenagers, I'd rather talk to the Nintendo freak who roleplays. At least the Nintendo freak shows signs of an active imagination, which you obviously lack.

i want whoever runs this fucking site to put me in mi god damn place and i want you to put up a good fucking arguement. dont underestimate me child. i'll destroy you....

Wouldn't "child" be a bit of a misnomer since the administrative staff is composed of legal adults? If you're so eager to be put in your place, why didn't you just e-mail the abuse staff with your wish for Internet seppuku? Oh, I'm sorry, it's because you're trolling this community in hopes of getting a rise out of all the 18+ Blurty members so you can stroke your teenage ego and prove to yourself that you're so much "better" than all the adults.

Grow up and get a clue.

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Re: is that what you want pussy
2003-04-28 05:15 (link)
He's already been reported. :-D

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