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cheever (cheever) wrote in news,
@ 2003-04-19 16:11:00
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2003-04-25 01:09 (link)
I'll make a Jack drinker out of you yet.

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2003-04-25 01:16 (link)
Meh. I don't drink much, if at all. I prefer liqueurs, dessert wines, and strong reds. Oh, and Bulmer's hard cider.

JD has a bit of a... crisp taste that I'm not sure I enjoy. Maybe later.

But you have to give Ximenez Cream Sherry a try. :-9

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2003-04-25 02:14 (link)
I started out on beer and wine coolers. By 18 I was in love with gin. I've since learned that that was a horrible mistake. Five hours in front of a toilet tends to make you shy away from it. Moved on to vodka for a while, then just settled for decent beer for a few years. My buddy Mike made me drink Jack when we lived together, and I've been in love with it ever since. It's pretty much the only liquor I drink anymore. Yeah, it burns a bit if you're doing shots, but that's half the fun. ;-) I usually drink it on the rocks now, though, so it gets a little watered down and ends up nice and smooth. Unfortunately, my body has yet to decide that I don't have to feel like shit the next day. ;-)

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2003-04-25 03:43 (link)
Heh. When I was in Ireland, I'd usually have some Bailey's on the rocks, or some Bulmer's... but I lived over a wine shop, and I joined their tasting club. That was educational.

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