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cheever (cheever) wrote in news,
@ 2003-04-19 16:11:00
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2003-04-23 14:23 (link)

Not everybody underage who uses these journals types like an idiot. I will admit I'm underage, but only by a couple years, and I have enough maturity to keep what I'm writing under control and type with dignity and use what I learn in school. I just don't know why it's such a big deal for blurty to maintain the age status. I understand it's been like that from the beginning but you all should have the maturity to realize that things change. I just hope you all realize that all you're doing is complaining about your problem with people that you once related to, meaning that you were once their age, you know how they feel. Have a nice day.

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2003-04-23 14:51 (link)
Um, nobody is complaining about Minors being here. The owners of the site, in this very news update stated that they will begin enforcing the 18 and over policy beginning with Free Accounts.

They are changing - changing to begin enforcement of their 18 and over rule. It's the people who are here to break that rule who are complaining the hardest, loudest and throwing the tantrums.

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2003-04-25 05:45 (link)
One day you will be a legal adult, and maybe then you'll understand how we feel.

Yes, I was 5 years old once too... but it doesn't mean I can tolerate you all. =P

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2003-08-01 22:00 (link)
i know its a little late... well a lot late for replying to this but.. just be glad that your allowed to keep your account although your not 18+

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