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Now That's Entertainment (new_beginings28) wrote,
@ 2005-05-18 22:18:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:Everything You Want--- Vertical Horizon

    Now your here and you dont know why
    dude right now i just dont know. i have no clue whats going on with anything or anyone encluding myself. its quite annoying. i just want everything to be okay again. i could deal with okay. this is just bleh. everyones having issues suposably and its jsut very eh. i feel like im going to cry or something right now. nothing seems to be going right anymore. and when they do things happen and its all bleh again. i dont get why people cant just be happy. its annoying. because in order for one person to be happy someone else has to be sad. the world sucks like that. i jsut want it to be okay. i want everyone to just smile and mean it. believe me i know this aint the best time for any of you... its not for me either believe me. i just wish everything would just go away. that i coudl forget about all the crap thats been happening lately. i wish people would just tell me whats wrong with them instead of doing the whole im jsut going to infer and not actually tell you. it actaully makes me feel better knowing whats going on then letting my mind wander. especailly when it comes to stuff about me.

    im having really big issues with some stuff also and i really dont need these bullshit games. if you want to tell me somehting then tell me, dont dance around it. im not talkign about anyone really. im just saying that that pisses me off. i dont know if its good or not that i started caring again. im so afraid of everything. ah well. stupid emo online journal. one day i shall burn you. you'll see. you will burn.

    and i wanted to be
    all you need

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2010-08-15 21:22 (link)

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