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Now That's Entertainment (new_beginings28) wrote,
@ 2005-05-12 17:01:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:bark bark bark bark SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU DAMN DOGS!!

    just.... BLAH!!!
    okay this is another one of my pointless rants about how stupid my world is so if your sick of it then shut the fuck up and dont read it.

    ok so lately i've been doing really bad in school. like insanely bad. i've never done this bad in school before. i have an 83 in latin and in math. both which i took tests in today and hope that i did better so i can maybe get atleast high 80's in by the time report cards come out which is soon. the grade im most pissed about is my science grade. ok it really makes me angry that i got a friggin 58 on that stupidass test when he didn't teach us any of that shit. it really fucking pisses me off. thats probuly why i got a 58, i didnt know half the answers. im so pissed off at him. why the fuck would you give a take home test without teaching the things on the test or giving the students the materials to do it. i think he should rot in hell for it. it really really really makes me what to just take all the tests and burn them because i know that im probuly not the only person who got a low grade on it. i really wish i could just afkjasdlf;jasdlfjlsadfjds. i want to yell at him so badly its not even funny. i dont think its fair. your a teacher, mr. friggin chestnut, a TEACHER!!!! YOUR SUPOSE TO TEACH NOT GIVE US TAKE HOME TESTS ON THINGS WE'VE NEVER EVEN HEARD ABOUT!! i hope you get fired. oh but your so stressed out because you got two jobs a wife a kid and you cant even afford to feed your friggin fish. what a hard life. asshole. he probuly spends it all on achol. would explain why he's all tipies some days and hung over the next. for the sake of if a teacher should even find this i do not know if mr. chestnut drinks, nor do i care. everything written in here is 50% my opion and 50% anger. i hate it when i do bad in school becasue then i just dont feel like doign well again. i hate it. IT FRIGGIN SUCKS ASS! i find it funny that when i actually know what im doing i sitll bomb things. like today i actaully knew all my vocab words and such and sofia told me i didnt need to read/text mark the packet thingy becasue we are going to do it in class and it just so happens that the last two question that where worth 10 points where from the article that we had to read. oh joy. oh rapture. fuck this. i mean it;s my own fault that im not doing well in latin because uh im too lazy to study the vocab. even when i do study the vocab i blank out and got a 70 on the quiz. got a 59 or 58 on the other one. got a 77 or 79 on a test. i hope i did well on the test today. i acually knew almost all of the word. holy hell no way? i cant wait for summer to come. im going to miss some asspects of the school year though. like all my friends that i dont see out of school. like people in lunch. lunch people are cool. im no longer in my happy go lucky mood. people piss me off really badly. i dont know why but they really are starting to.

    oh the emoness... fuck that.
    i need angry music.
    i feel like rebelling against everything pretty much.
    im such a rebel... rogl that makes me laugh



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2005-05-13 20:14 (link)
i wub u mel's cell!!
haha look at mi icon...its eyeballs...i tried doing that little thing, but i got a headach!! ahah
i love u!!
<3 Ashe-hole

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