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Jim (netwriter) wrote,
@ 2007-07-08 19:20:00
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    Tragic story's ending sad, but predictable ...
    The ongoing saga of 4-year-old Cesar Ivan Aguilar-Cano, who has been missing since June 29th, is coming to an end -- a tragic, but predictable end.

    I don't claim to be an investigator, but being in the news business a while, I have my hunches in cases like this.

    My prediction more than a week ago was the boy was dead, and the murderer was a member of the family, or at the least, an acquaintance. That's not just my observation, it's the plain, unvarnished truth.

    Statements from the family have provided hints to prompt my conclusion. For starters, the boy had only been missing a day or so when his mother proclaimed that she knew he had been abducted. Throw in a bogus psychic (are there any other kinds?), conflicting statements to the media, Christopher 2X, the unemployed minister/deadbeat dad/ex-con/ex-drug dealer who (along with the Rev. Louis Coleman) places himself in front of the Louisville media at the hint of a tragedy or controversy, and you have a first-rate "whodunit."

    For starters, Cesar's mother has provided conflicting statements regarding his disappearance. In one statement, she said she was in the shower and he was gone from the house when she got out. In another, she said the boy was "just playing in the neighborhood." Excuse me? You let a four-year-old run the neighborhood? Hmmm.

    The family also offered a $5,000 reward privately -- specifically aimed at keeping police out of the loop. A tipster could avoid dealing with police, which was the famiy's concern. This "avoid-the-cops" plan raised more than a few concerns with Louisville Metro police, who later reportedly talked privately with the family of their concerns of this plan.

    While it seems the Louisville media don't want to play this up, according to 2X, police told the family Sunday that the body they found was their son. The final determination is to come tomorrow.

    And then throw in Joe Arnold, Louisville's worst newsreader, who said not once, but at least twice during tonight's newscast -- with characteristic over-the-top emphasis -- the family is not being investigated in the death. For my money, I'm betting that's the message the police want on the street; I'm betting the message means the opposite -- they are focusing their investigation on the family.

    That's how it all looks this eveing from my hill overlooking Cox's Creek. G'night.


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2007-09-18 15:32 (link)
First off Jim let me introduce myself as an individual called upon to help out in the missing persons case of Ceasar Cano. Out of respect for this beautiful 4 year old boy I must say you have the audacity to become something you fall short of and that being a true believer in spirit and that of a person wanting to make something for yourself off the sadness involved in this case.

You sit like the vultures do, waiting to prey on innocence of anything that may have been helping out and trying to lay your “claim to fame” in your little blog. Seems you hit a mark for becoming an ass of sorts and really exaggerating your sensing ability within your work and wording of your analysis of what happened.

Thing is my friend, the time frame in accordance of myself being asked to help in this case was set in different strategic ways to illustrate step by step instructions given by spirit to lead police to the whereabouts of Ceasar and who did it "named" in the automatic handwriting submitted. Now here is the clincher…evidence was submitted to two national news stations same day as to the detective on hand of this case making it proof that what was to come and instructions on the whereabouts were in stone.

Your analogy of thought or guessing lets say is so open ended and not practical whatsoever! First off in many cases it becomes the case more so then any, those taken end up murdered (good guess on your part), second, close to the family (statistics alone show family or those close to them are in the high percentile of being guilty) another good guess on your part. All of which are let’s say a 9 year old could come up with the same. Your intelligence of sorts leads to a guessing game and that is how you are really, you like to play games with such it shows so dearly in your blog.

Now, as for subtle hints from the family, your lost in the advocacy of knowing what is hindsight versus what is hidden from everyone in finer details given in the ability to see.

The entire case file is on my web site to show people that spirit moves well in the way it should in the accordance to help not to hinder. The reason it is up like this is to show monsters out there who commit these anis acts beware you can’t run and hide.

Your blog on the other hand is one that hinders the true meaning of “help” giving the tone and undercurrent of “look at me I can dispel anything that I can’t seem to understand”. Its not the nature of anyone to sit and call others who spend time, effort, and out of pocket expenses charging nothing for their help “bogus”. Let me see you come up with the exact information that was given to me in this case then I will look at you in a different light, as for now you sit in the shadow like a little good boy and observe leaving the real work to those who care!

I write this letter to you to not only show my appreciation for the class act you are, however for the fact you make me continue to work harder to help more in cases as such. I seen many like you over the 17 years of murder/missing persons cases and where are those that claim what you stated, nowhere doing nothing but creating the crap they live in. This may seem like a letter of hurt to you or one of shooting back, however it’s the opposite, it’s in the lesson one learns from those who actually have the experience in knowing. Class is out and the lesson is over, now do something constructive with your blogging and praise those who go out of their way to bring peace or solace to families in need in such a crises as this.

I have sent a copy of this letter to a media outlet not to stir the pot but to make sure your reference is correct for you seem like a real shady character that is in need of a good talk to thus, I strongly feel you have just met your match. Now I know your going to react to this in the way you would that will actually show your true colors, your lets say in your own words…“SO PREDICTABLE”

Robbie Thomas

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