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Jim (netwriter) wrote,
@ 2007-04-16 17:02:00
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    Sports editor heading back to school ...

    After six years of providing local readers with award-winning sports coverage, Kentucky Standard sports editor Jason Nelson is leaving that post. He submitted his notice at the newspaper earlier today.

    Nelson himself told me the news when we crossed paths this morning at Kreso's Family Restaurant in Bardstown. He is working on an advanced degree in communications, and plans to start classes fulltime beginning with the summer semester.

    'Once I finish that up, then I'll see where it takes me," he said.

    Nelson has been with the newspaper since 2001, when he was hired by then sports editor Josh Givens. Nelson took over as sports editor after Givens left the newspaper.

    Few people outside the newspaper are aware that the sport editor's job is one of the most demanding ones.
    As a virtual one-man sports department, Nelson has had the unenviable job of trying please the parents of student atheletes competing in three school systems: Nelson County, Bardstown Independent and the parochial schools. On top of that, Nelson (and Givens before him) have had to follow in the footsteps of Ron Greenwell, the newspapers longtime sports writer and Associate Editor.

    Balancing coverage of the three schools -- without appearing biased one way or the other -- is a nearly impossible task, and Nelson and the sportswriters who preceded him had to find ways to make it work.

    Some of Nelson's best work -- in addition to high school sports coverage -- was in column format, particularly when combined with photography from his travels. His columns on his out-of-state vacation trips were some of the best column writing found in the entire newpspaer.

    While Nelson will be leaving, he may not be totally out of the local sports picture. Newspaper publisher Ron Filkins has already mentioned the possibility of freelancing for the newspaper after Nelson goes back to school.

    Best of luck in your academic pursuits and beyond, Jason.

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