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Jim (netwriter) wrote,
@ 2007-03-10 02:36:00
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    Just what's going on at the Best Western hotel?

    More than one of the Nelson County Gazette's sources have noticed the appearance of Bardstown City Police officers -- and their marked cars -- at the Best Western motel on West Stephen Foster in the evenings.

    My sources speculate that perhaps we have some VIPs visiting Bardstown; the question that remains unanswered is why they might require police protection. A recent police dispatch transmission even makes one wonder just whom is being protected from whom.

    Late Thursday night, one scanner junkie reports hearing the city police dispatcher request a unit to go to the Talbott Tavern for a reported disturbance. Not long after a city police unit responded to that call, the officer who was on "special detail" (and apparently visiting the Tavern with the Best Western guests) radioed the dispatcher that "everything is 10-4 here," the officer said. "Some of the locals were trying to start a fight with the subjects from the Best Western."

    He said he and the Best Western guests were headed back to the hotel from the Tavern.

    Off-duty city police officers have regularly been reporting to the city dispatcher they are "10-8 for special detail at Best Western" in the evenings anywhere from 6 to 10 p.m. This writer observed a city officer in his car with the parking lights on sitting in the front parking lot of the motel.

    Police officers reporting in for "special detail" is nothing new. Officers routinely show up at high school sports events and local festivals to provide security as "special detail." What this particular "special detail" entails and the identity of our special guests remains -- for now -- a mystery.

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2007-03-10 18:42 (link)
Glad to see you're still around. Your blogs are read and missed when there aren't any for quite a while.

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2007-03-11 14:18 (link)
no special guests there, hell there isn't anybody "special" in Bardstown period.......they were having some problems and hired off duty city cops to work as security guards. Pretty good deal using public cars and gas for private enterprise at the taxpayers expense, business as usual in Nelson County. Glad somebody noticed.

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2011-08-04 18:14 (link)
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