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Jim (netwriter) wrote,
@ 2005-12-29 19:01:00
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    Local power surge creates havoc for some around Bardstown ...
    High winds and the relocation of utilities along Louisville Road between KY245 and Nazareth have created havoc for businesses and residents in the served areas.

    A power surge that was apparently created by crews relocating power lines created havoc for a number of computer users. One business owner I was talking to said two computer servers were damaged by the surge.

    Businesses along Louisville Road reported seeing the lights get dim, then suddenly brighten to nearly twice their normal intensity. My wife reported that at least one computer workstation where she worked crashed after the power surge.

    High winds were also causing problems for local utility crews. Windy conditions yesterday pushed power lines together along KY245 between Newcomb Oil and the state garage. The Bardstown-Nelson County Volunteer Fire Department responded, but it was not really needed after the cause was determined. Utility crews were called to look at the problem.

    In a follow-up to a post in this journal back in late October, the classic Chevrolet Camaro that was sitting on blocks on Court Square disappeared earlier this month.

    On the evening of the local Christmas parade, I noticed the owner of the Camaro was talking to someone as they stood in front of the vehicle. The Camaro had two or three rims and tires on it -- some nice rims and tires, too. In fact, the car was looking good! The hood was propped up with a stick, and it appeared that the Camaro's days on blocks were about to end.

    The Camaro disappeared from that spot within the next couple of days. I haven't seen it around the Square since. It's tough to bet the classic lines of the first-generation Camaro. I'm glad the owner got it going -- and I'm sure downtown merchants are pleased that a car on blocks no longer graces the Court Square.

    The car was sitting in front of what used to be the entrance to the garage that was once located there. It's unfortunate that the owner couldn't have worked on the car inside, as I can personally attest that working in the cold weather is no fun, even if it's a classic Chevy!


    The byline of one of the Kentucky Standard's new writers was scrambled on the newspaper Web site exactly as if I had typed it myself.

    For some reason, every time I attempt to spell the name "Brian", my fingers spell "Brain". I seldom get to type it all the way through without backspacing to fix the transposed letters.

    The same malady apparently struck the person who posted staff writer Brian Walker's opinion pieces on the newspaper Web site. The mistake doesn't appear in the print edition (at least in this week's column). I think if my name was Brian, I wouldn't mind a nickname of "Brain" -- other than the high-expectations it might bring with it. And naturally, as typo-ridden as this journal is, I'm not about to start tossing stones!

    That's it for now from my hill overlooking Cox's Creek. I'll be back soon with my reflections on 2005.


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