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netoffice (netoffice) wrote,
@ 2011-11-03 09:56:00
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    Microsoft Office 2010 free The nasdaq market value of the highest China concept GuFen

    Microsoft Office 2010 free The nasdaq market value of the highest China concept GuFen

    all the media announced acquisitions, its huge again will pay more than $225 million acquisition of China's largest Internet advertisers good "company, Microsoft Office 2010 has a very simple way to install.

    this is one of the largest scale Internet field in the deal.

    According to information, all the media for good and points a 100% share purchase, payment is about $67.5 million for the cash, the rest of the $157.5 million, in all the media stock pays. Points Early last year, all the media had 325 million points of $made all the media 100% equity, and unify building advertising market. And this acquisition is watching all the ingredients into Internet advertising media market signs.

    At present, according to the pure advertising revenue calculation, Do you ever buy the Office 2010 professional ?

    the media has become the points CCTV, Shanghai article wide after the third largest media group, and in the hands of the abundant capital allows for the new breakthrough. All the media chief executive JiangNaChun points, said all the media strategy is points as the mainstream consumer covered China more time and achieve a more accurate advertising. This and good and good at Internet advertising goals.

    New media observers, comments that is definitely not the media good at points, therefore, still a single field "JiangNaChun must 'out of the outdoor'". And besides, the Internet and radio outdoor advertising is also the fastest growth in two markets, "buying good and all the media help points every access Internet advertising market. Office 2010 download is replaced by the Office 2010 product.

    This is second only to sina acquisition or sohu's best choice".

    But, of course, plenty of cash, hand more than all the media, now a points hand RMB 4 billion cash netease is also likely to have m&a action, both William ding has pledged, may use cash to introduce some games or the purchase of game company;


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