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Stephanie (neonfrogfreak) wrote,
@ 2005-06-03 22:20:00
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    House of Wax
    So my friend and I went along to see House of Wax this afternoon. Frankly it didn't look as if there was anything better on and I assumed there would be at least some unintentional comedy. There was lots.
    The exposition in horror movies is often pretty boring and here it was no different. The amount of time they spent on the set-up was misjudged and for the first half hour or so the highlight was Chad Michael Murray throwing a bottle of beer at the headlight of a truck. Go figure.
    The apparent 'novelty' in this new version is that the House of Wax in the film is actually made of wax. Now I know horror movies are not necessarily by nature plausible but come on. Firstly, how would you get enough wax to build the damn thing and secondly, wouldn't it melt in the sun? But overall it's in keeping with the IQ of the movie, which is definitely dumber than your average slasher. This wouldn't be a problem if the film delivered any jolts, but it doesn't. I only jumped once, and I have absolutely no idea why as I knew exactly what was going to happen. The deaths are by and large gory but I've become so inured to violence in these films that I wasn't peturbed by them at all. Paris Hilton's death was definitely the most memorable of the lot, I found it most amusing. The highlight of the film for me was the ending, where the impressive visual effects really shone. But this was preceded by one of the dumbest decisions I've yet seen in a horror movie: Elisha Cuthbert is in the house with one of the villains in the movie (who, incidentally, looked like Buckethead, formerly of Guns N' Roses) and her brother, who is injured. Her brother tells her to run up the stairs to get away from said villain, even though they're right by the entrance to the wax museum. I mean really, stupid much? This was necessary for the ending but it was so dumb, the whole film was. I'm well aware that criticising these types of movies is essentially pointless as they don't purport to be much more than dumb fun but this wasn't even that much fun. There was definitely scope to have made it much better than it was. And as for the apparent twist ending, haha. What a shoddy attempt that was. I guessed it long before it revealed itself.
    On the horror front, I'm eagerly anticipating the release of the Australian movie Wolf Creek. I've heard a lof of positive buzz about it and the trailer looks promising without giving much away.

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2005-06-05 16:55 (link)
Ahahaha Buckethead villains? I love it hehe. I have no desire to see that movie, my only motivation would be to see Paris Hilton die.

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2005-06-06 12:56 (link)
She gets impaled by a spike to the head. While Mr Buckethead psycho man records her death with her friend's video camera. Hilarious. Her statement that her offing is the best in any horror movie is way off the mark though, there have many grislier demises.

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