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Joshee Boy (neojosheeboy) wrote,
@ 2003-12-01 16:12:00
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    Current mood: hopeful
    Current music:Mr. Deeds

    *think about your kitchen*

    What color is your fridge?:white
    Do you have a dishwasher or wash the dishes by hand?:dishwasher, I have to wash dishes all the time tho!

    *think about your living/family room*

    Carpet or wood floors?:Carpet, I'd LOVE WOOD FLOORS!! I could slide all around, and blade or board on it!
    Any tables?:I have 3 table! All full of CRAP
    Number the tables:^
    What's on table 1:Magazines, glasses, cans, chess board, bills, hats... some other stuffs....
    What's on table 2:Magazines, pictures, hat, glass
    What's on table 3:Cell phone, candles that smell like vanilla, a purse, magazines, a towel, and some cards, and some other stuff....
    What's on table 4:
    what's on table 5:

    *think about a bathroom in your home*

    What color is the toilet?: White with a blue cover
    What does the shower curtain look like?:Maroon
    Do you like your bathroom?:Uhmmmm, it's ... fine?

    *think about your room*
    How many pillows are on your bed?:4
    Any stuffed animals on your bed?:2 Scooby Doo thingees
    What happens on your bed??:Sleep.... reading? Should anything else happen yet? I'm only 12!
    What's in your underwear drawer?: Socks, boxers, some tank tops, some white shirts.... and.... my stash... of lighters, sometimes some firecrackers too!
    What's in your closet?:Shirts, shoes, pants, hoodies, backpacks, an old toy chest..... and an ab working machine!

    THis was a GAY quiz....

    +-'~`=]Joshee Boy[='~`-+

    I wanted a Thingee around my name like girls do!!


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2003-12-02 15:38 (link)
Wowiez, gay survey huh? lol, u wanted a "thingee" around ur name like girls do haha,ur too cute.
~Miss Coti~

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