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NeNe (nene1984) wrote,
@ 2004-12-22 00:43:00
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    Current mood: exhausted

    Still here...
    I'm still in this house that's not my home. Dammit, why do I even hope for anything to get done over there? I want to live in someplace that doesn't have a worthless drunk in it.

    Appearntly, Pat has been complaining about me too, oh yeah. Bitching that he can hear me on the phone out here and what not. Not to me though, to Jonnie, my soon to be mother-in-law. I was laughing when I was on the phone last night with nellie and he was all pissy. Maybe when he gets the balls to say something himself I will consider, consider keeping quiet, otherwise, fat boy will just have to deal.

    Oh, yeah. Robby's truck (his name is Blubber) got a flat last night, he couldn't go to work, and he wasn't non-too happy about it. He came in pretty pissed, but after he went to try and get air for it and came back he was okay. And I liked it sorta, cuz I got to spend more time with him, but it sucks, because he has to work all this fucking overtime just to even shit out. luckily he has a full week off work coming up. If we don't get pissed at eachother that'll be fresh. I came out here to be with him, not his mom and drunk stepfucker.

    One more thing about Stepfucker Pat, he went to court today (yesterday?) for domestic abuse charges. He wont even tell Jonnie what happened. Incidently she's the reason the charges were filed in the first place. I don't know why she stays. She has a different excuse every time, right now it's money. But he uses their money anyway and they end up broke. I hate him. I hope he breaks whatever shit they have him doing for court and gets sent to prison to be mawled in the ass by some big guy named BoBo.

    Oh, on a lighter note, I'm an old woman now. Psh, yeah, 20. But to me it seems old, my best friend since 1st grade is only 18, and thats as of july 30th. I didn't get to do much for my big day, I got a headache in fact, but it's okay, I wasn't expecting much. I got Boo-Berry cereal and that's all that matters.

    Well, that's all from me for now, I'm tired, I need sleep, I'm saying goodbye to my friend Gabe for the night (morning) and going to see my kitty. Toodles!

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