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Dear Tokio... (nekoshinsen) wrote,
@ 2003-08-21 14:02:00
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    Current mood: annoyed
    Current music:MIKE OLDFIELD

    One Half...(Why do you always put song titles?)
    BLAAAAAAARRRRRGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Ok...) I´m pissed again! Stupid no good jerks not looking at signs...(What?) Here I am in the cafe, dying to get back to the house but I´m surrounded by guys that dont understand that the place is NOW CLOSED! (So why didnt you tell them that when they walked in?) I cant, my mother is making money, I´ll have to grin and bear it. I´ll just be like Soujiro, grin and bare it although it annoyes the HELL out of me. But I swear, if another person comes in, I´ll Gatostu them so badly with the mop that they´ll have to spend the next week trying to pull it out of their ass! (Pleasant...) You see, I´d use a sword but I dont think my mother will be very willing to give me one...(No fucking wonder) Hey! I only want to use it for the protection of my loved ones (coughbullshitcough).

    "You must remember this, a kiss is still a
    kiss". Your romance is Casablanca. A
    classic story of love in trying times, chock
    full of both cynicism and hope. You obviously
    believe in true love, but you're also
    constantly aware of practicality and societal
    expectations. That's not always fun, but at
    least it's realistic. Try not to let the Nazis
    get you down too much.

    What Romance Movie Best Represents Your Love Life?
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