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Dear Tokio... (nekoshinsen) wrote,
@ 2003-08-12 20:56:00
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    Current mood: hot
    Current music:MARILYN MANSON

    Send in the clowns...
    Kate is leaving tomorow. It´s a shame, time has gone by so fast. It sucks (I bet your a bit glad though) Yes and no I guess. At least I managed to get her to have a crush (Who?) Alex, childhood friend, who has ramdomly appeared. A bit wierd if you ask me. But Kate got attracted to him pretty quickly (What about you?) Nothing, I think he´s very good looking, but I dont know. I think he seems a bit macho and he treated Kate and I like kids when we went to the Feria, which pissed me off. I dont know, i dont think I´ll be getting anywhere with him, so I´ll let Kate have him (She´s leaving tomorrow...)Whatever.
    My dad wants me to go to London, gaah. I really dont feel like it (He wants to see you) Oh so when he wants to see me I have to follow his command and leave my home? How about all of the times I wanted to see him? Like when I wanted to see him for my birthday and he tried REALLY hard to get me to STAY IN SCHOOL ALONE!! That´s fucking bullshit (Maa, maa).

    night goddess
    Night Goddess-Ohh.. mad at the world, thats OK

    What japanese anime goddess r u?WITH PICS!!!!
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