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Dear Tokio... (nekoshinsen) wrote,
@ 2003-07-23 20:27:00
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    Current mood: blank
    Current music:EVANESCENCE

    My eyes...
    Arrrg!! My eyes hurt! Been on the goddman computer for too long! Oh the pain! But must at least try to survive for and a half ¬_¬...great. I´ve run out of things to do and search on the net. I just sit there and think "What can I do now?" These are the concequences of having a mother who owns an internet cafe (No Jess, these are the concequences for actually coming along for the whole day) SHUT UP! Stupid concience...
    And now my gran´s sister has decided to come along for a few days (15 to be exact) STOP CRUSHING ME!! I think I´ve got szisophrenia (No you dont) LEAVE ME ALONE!! How do you spell that word (Check it up) I CANT BE BOTHERED! Ok my ass is seriously hurting.......
    been thinking (That´s a surprise...)SHUT IT! It´s wierd to think that my alter ego, created by Phil, yes, the dream killer, is gonna marry Charlie Weasley. But why Charlie I wonder. I kind of imagine myself with Bill....I´ll do a quiz.

    QUIZ OF THE DAY: *sigh* I kind of wish it was Bill, hell! Long red hair? It remind´s me of a certain EroKappa...

    YOU LOVE CHARLIE! He is a tough guy, but I guess
    you have to be if you work with DRAGONS! He's
    really cool and I suspect he's lovable too!

    Which Weasley guy do YOU love?(Harry Potter)
    brought to you by Quizilla

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