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Stephanie (neens_003) wrote,
@ 2003-08-18 21:48:00
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    Current mood: excited

    Me and chris gave cleo a bath today. Chris drenched me with the hose and i got mad at him cuz i didnt want to get that wet. So then chris runs inside and locks the door. Well, he's an idiot cuz we have the garage. So i run to the front and inside and he is just like, oh shit i forgot about the garage. Then i chased him around the house with pillows. I ment to get him with the hose but he got away from it. SHIT! Then after that was over i went inside to my room and i heard meg's motor home honk. So i ran over there and visited. I was sooooo happy cuz i missed her sooo much! It's been three weeks. whoa. Then shesaid she had a present for me, but as it turns out it is currently LOST! that's ok though. Then we went over to my house and just hung out some more. I feel kinda bad/guilty cuz i was supposed to call and go by kelly's house today but i lost track of time and didn't go. But, i did call at around 6 and no one picked up. It's ok, it's not like i had to watch her. But i still feel kinda bad.

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2003-08-22 03:54 (link)
sounds fun. yea i know you missed me and your present is RECOVERED!!

<3 // me

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