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LYNEA (neaismeh) wrote,
@ 2004-05-16 14:36:00
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    Dear School, Thank you for ruining my life by being so stressful and overwhelming lately. The amounts of regents practice exams and essays that teachers are giving is absolutely ridiculous. It's insane to do like four per day. And I can't keep up at all. It makes me want to throw the book in teachers' faces and tell them to shutup and do it themselves. I really don't think being a teacher is a real job. They're just babysitters that read the answers out of the book and play the game of "Who Can I Give the Lowest Average to This Quarter." That makes me so angry. How depressing. Really. Die soon please.

    Dear Digestive System, Just shutup and operate properly. It's not okay that you don't allow me to eat a cracker without making me sick. It's not okay I can't drink a glass of juice without creating a vomit platter. Fuck you digestive bastard.

    Dear Life, Back off my piece soon. I miss my friends and sleep and organization and the time management skills that I never had.

    Dear Knee, Thank you for never healing ever. Internally or externally.

    Dear Uterus, I <3 you. Because you never bleed. And never make me wanna slit throats.

    Dear Dad, I've never wanted to take a blow torch to anyone's vocal chords more than yours. Or take a shovel to the back of anyone's head more than yours. Why don't you make something of yourself, you waste of flesh, and suck suicide's dick.

    Dear Bitches, You really need to step off. You? Say whatever you want. Your friends? Machete to the voice box.

    Dear Money, Even though you have been completely raped and embezzled from my purse, I still long for our days when we reunite. I need you, like the dragonfly's wings need the wind, like orphan needs home once again, like heaven needs more to come in.

    Dear Saturday, Thank you for being a night of doing nothing. Even though I long to chill with everyone that night, I need sleep. And Saturday is the perfect chance.

    Dear Vacations, Come soon please.

    Dear Friends, Do feel free to comment. Love is a good thing to share. Whether it be physically, mentally, or orally.

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