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Dixie Belle (ncsudixiegirl) wrote,
@ 2004-06-05 18:24:00
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    Well what can I say? Today was so totally boring. I had SAT I today. Man that was some boring ass shit. I met and guy from Rosewood named Kyle that knew Jon. I already miss him so much! He had to work today so I probally wont get to talk to him. :S And me leaving for camp tomorrow is not helping the situation too much! I got an email from my best friend Andrea and she said this was going to be a test for me and Jon. To see if we can stay away for each other and remain faithful. I hopes I can!!!! What am I talking about I know I can. Jon means that much to me. Well I think Kassi is getting a dog! Totally not fair! The rents told me NO and now she is getting one!!!!! What kind of world is this. I mean all I want is a Chocolate Lab! She is getting a Begal-Lab mix. Just cuz your b/f dog has puppies dont mean you get one if you ask me! But hey that is how things work around here! :P Well I got 2 new cds last nite. Brad Pasley and Julie Roberts. But the rent bought me Julie Roberts b/c it was only $8.99 and The other was $15.99 so there went $20.00 of my babysitting money down the DRAIN! oh well! I took this quiz yeasterday it is so true!Well i am outtie! Peace, Jessi

    holding hands
    hand holding - you like to be in constant physical
    contact with your special someone but you don't
    want to take things too quickly.

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