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Dixie Belle (ncsudixiegirl) wrote,
@ 2004-06-04 01:00:00
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    Current mood: irritated
    Current music:Spend My Time-Clink Black

    I am off today! I have been babysitting my 2 cousins this week. Well I wouldnt call it babysitting becuz they werent home most of the time. They were out playing with their friends! So I stayed in the house and watched TV. (They have sattilite, I dont!! Stupid country town has no cable either!)I am sitting here wondering why Jon hasnt called me! He gets outta school at 12:00 and he said he would call me. UGH!!! Maybe he forgot. Maybe he has to go into work early. Well I am not goning to call him this time! He can call me like he said he would! NOW I AM TAKING CHARGE! (Jon is a guy I met online and we have spent the past 2 weekends together and we hang out and stuff no relationship as of now, just friends with benefits. :P) Well I got the SAT (STUPID ASS TEST- My uncle Ronnie's defintion of it) tomorrow. I really dont want to take it! It is going to be so hard and STUPID. The only reason I am taking it is becuz i can get scholarships if I do good. I have camp all next week. So I wont be writing.

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