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nbalove (nbalove) wrote,
@ 2012-05-21 09:34:00
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    A schoolgirl killed karen millen outlet in a bomb blast in Italy
    A schoolgirl died and seven others were injured Saturday,karen millen outletMay 19 in the explosion of a bomb outside a grammar school in Brindisi, in Puglia in southern Italy, announced Fabiano Amati, regional head of civil protection. Melissa, a girl of 16 years, succumbed to his injuries while one of her age mates, Veronica, is between life and death. "His condition is serious but stable", said the chain continuously Sky TG24, a hospital official denying the information given by police before his death.http://www.karenmillendressesmartuk.comThree other girls seriously affected suffer from burns all over his body, and one may have to be amputated lower limbs, according to medical sources. Five other people were treated for hearing impairment.

    The explosion occurred at about 7: 45 pm,karen millen saleat a time when students entered the lycée Francesca Morvillo Falcone, named after the wife of the famous anti-Mafia judge, Giovanni Falcone. According to preliminary results, the bomb was an artisan craft consists of three gas cylinders connected together and hidden in backpacks placed on a wall of a vocational school. "I saw everything that was falling,karen millen dressesI do not remember anything," he told a young student at Sky TG24. The carabinieri and the police quickly established a perimeter around the school and fireworks were on hand. The unprecedented attack in Italy for the chosen target has been no claim.

    The television showed damage rather limited: karen millen outlet the wall of the school blackened by the smoke of the explosion, the scattered objects belonging to the students but no hole in the road or other visible damage. "I was just opening the window, I saw the kids down, all blacks, burning books. An image of terror, these are just children. Who could do that?" Said an employee of the prosecutor, whose words were echoed by the site of the newspaper La Repubblica.


    Asked if the mafia in Puglia, the Sacra Corona Unita could be behind the bombing, the Italian interior minister spoke Annamaria Cancellieri event "complex" the terms "not normal" that has "anomalies". "The assumptions are, and none gives us certainty," she told Sky TG24. Some media have also mentioned the action of a madman or a crime of passion.

    Searches took place Saturday morning in the local mafia groups and witnesses recalled a recent attack with explosives against the car of the president of the anti-racketeering Mesagne, a village where lived the schoolgirl killed and birthplace the Sacra Corona Unita, karen millen dresses the smallest of the Italian mafia. Recognizing the need to "be careful", the Minister has admitted to being "hit hard" by the fact that high school girls wore the names of Judge Falcone and his wife, killed in a bomb attack in Sicily it nearly 20 years.

    Media have made the connection with the 20th anniversary of the attack on May 23, 1992 against Falcone but others pointed out, citing police, the character "atypical" of the explosion of Brindisi. To kill the judge Falcone, the Sicilian Mafia had buried 500 kg of dynamite under the motorway between Palermo airport and downtown it had detonated the car passed. The Mayor Mimmo Consales there "too many coincidences in this case," in an allusion to the anniversary and the fact that a "caravan of law" was to spend Saturday near Brindisi to commemorate him.

    According to the prosecutor of Lecce, also the departmental chief anti-Mafia division, "the local mafia organizations are looking for a social consensus. It would be an act against-productive because it is certain that it destroys any sympathy for those who have committed ". The prosecutor also rejects the hypothesis that the courthouse in Brindisi, located a few blocks away from the attack, was the real target of the perpetrators of the attack etsouligne that it was the school which was referred .

    Italian President Giorgio Napolitano, informed by the interior minister, Annamaria Cancellieri, karen millen sale said monitor events "and expressed apprehension with its proximity to the families of the victim, the wounded".

    This high school with 600 pupils, mostly girls, especially as the fashion industry. The headmaster Angelo Rampino said that "the attempt was made to kill because the girls came just at that moment, if it had been 7 to 30 pm, this would have been no consequences." A torchlight procession was scheduled in the evening in Brindisi. "We must give a clear and strong response to the barbarians, who dared the unthinkable and break the lives of our children, cause a massacre at a school", a "democratic and civil response," said Regional Chair , Nichi Vendola, outside the school. Students from other schools of the city immediately left their institutions, accompanied by their parents come get them.

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