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nbalove (nbalove) wrote,
@ 2012-05-19 09:33:00
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    The Kosovo, karen millen outlet unexpected actor in the conflict Syrian
    http://www.karenmillendressesmartuk.comKosovo, new training center for Syrian rebels? Russia seems to think. May 14, during a debate in the Security Council of UN ambassador, Vitaly Churkin, has reported "disturbing news reports that the authorities of Kosovo shall establish contacts with representatives of the opposition Syrian to drive insurgents karen millen sale"Syrian its territory.

    M.Tchourkine called it "a serious destabilizing factor" for the Balkans and denounced a "drift". These concerns were relayed by the media,karen millen outletboth in Russia and Serbia. We find the fantasy of an American operation covertly, to train Syrian fighters in the old camps of the Albanian guerrillas, which itself was assisted by foreign instructors in the late 1990s.

    The difference is,karen millen dressesand not least the NATO air operation in 1999 against the regime of Slobodan Milosevic at the time was crucial to the success of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). No question of that, today, against the Syrian regime. In his office at the Foreign Policy Club in Pristina, Veton Surroi has read these statements with a dose of derision.

    Renowned intellectual and politician, creator of Koha Ditore, karen millen outlet it was he who was the initiator of the arrival of a Syrian delegation, April 26, in the Kosovar capital. "The remarks made at the UN are nonsense. There is no training project here. If the Syrians want to train, they can do it in Turkey or Jordan. And the KLA was far to be a brilliant military organization ... "


    Interviewed by national media, the Kosovo authorities have expressed a similar view, patriotism, military and more. According Vlora Citaku, Minister for European Integration, "the KLA is one of the most effective guerrillas in modern world history and experience in the fight for freedom or successful transformations, karen millen sale may hold lessons for other. However, we have no form of training camp for soldiers of the Syrian guerrillas. "

    The delegation was received in Pristina consists of two men of the Syrian National Council (CNS) and Ammar Abdulhamid, a dissident living in Washington. They met the Foreign Minister of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj and the nationalist leader Albin Kurti. According Veton Surroi, it was for the Syrians to make some kind of return on experience with the veterans groups gather albanais.Comment scattered over the territory? Finding Sources of funding? How reassuring minorities in the country?

    "Their weaknesses are the same as ours: the disorganization, lack of clear link between the military and politicians, says Mr. Surroi. They were told they had to have an approach opens the way for a negotiated solution. We can not enter into a dialogue, excluding the speaker opponent, Al-Assad. " Among Europeans, we do not feel either of particular concern for these contacts. "The Syrians are trying to meet as many people as possible and karen millen dresses see how the experiences of recent years may help them to progress, said a European diplomat in Pristina. For Kosovars, it is a way to play internationally. "

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