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Naughty Angel (naughty_angel) wrote,
@ 2003-01-31 15:28:00
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    Current mood: relieved
    Current music:Eminem - "8 Mile"

    He's finally in Kuwait
    I finally got an e-mail from my hubby. I am soooo relieved. 3 days of not hearing anything, I was on pins and needles. I guess the plane ride to Kuwait was hell. Stopping in Africa, then Italy, then finally Kuwait. God I bet that sucked. I would love to go to both places for a vacation though. Always wanted to go to Italy, Australia and Africa. I love traveling and experiencing different cultures.

    Anyway, he's there now, safe and in one piece. They're in some area with about 500 other soldiers (he explained it as the length of about two football fields and width about 40-50 yards). Can't get a tent up in the sandbox yet...don't have all the equipment. Now the waiting game begins to see how GW is going to convince everyone to get this thing started. I just with they would just get it done and over with. *Hmph*

    Anyway I am relieved. I cried my eyes out last night (combination of PMS + missing my hubby). Didn't know when I was going to hear from him. At least now I know he's there safe. Let's just hope he REMAINS safe. Sounds messed up in a war zone. We get "hostile fire pay" or "combat zone" pay added while he's there. Whoop dee doo. I'd rather have him home!!! :)

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2003-03-22 14:35 (link)
*hee needs to come home* =(

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