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natalie (natbrat) wrote,
@ 2003-08-09 01:18:00
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    Current mood: cranky
    Current music:Love Song for No One, John Mayer <3

    Here we go...
    So I guess this is my new 'blurty'. I've never done one of these before but i've seen a couple of other people's and they were pretty cool. Hmm mine will probably turn out to look like shit compared to everyone else's. :-| It's pretty late at nite right now and yea... i'm bored. Of course, it's the typical summer... goto bed at 2, wake up at 12. Wow I need to get a life! Im just quickly wasting my summer away, school will be here in a week or so... which i'm semi-excited about, but not really. I easily realize all the homework and such that will be coming along with it, fun stuff. :-o But one thing, i'm not playing basketball this year, shocking huh? Wow I can remember myself last basketball season... the only thing I really liked was Manistee, now that was pretty fun. Anyways, i'm rambling on about stupid stuff, well I guess that's what ur supposed to do in this thing! I dunno if this is gonna be "linked" in my profile.. or ya know "friends only" or what. I really dunno who's gonna read this and im really sorry if I do offend YOU in here but hey, it's my journal so... yea. :-p

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