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Nanna (nannie) wrote,
@ 2003-07-22 17:15:00
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    My friends have left for Croatia yesterday. Right now they're probably taking a shower before going out to dinner and clubbing on their first night. I feel soooooooooooooooooooo alone!! And jealous.
    I treid to call my sister in Australia today but there was no on there. I'm totally bummed. I hate my job. make money, but that's about the only good thing about it. It's like I leave my body during work, and when I'm done my mind returns to me or something.
    Day in day out, it's all the same. All day every day. My AM is still a bitch, but we can get along a bit better now. My colleagues have discovered that there are lots of songs with my name in it ( Nananananananana heyheyhey goodbye, when she goes nanananana nananananaaaa colours will keep on turning, nay nananana, Nana why don't you get a job) And the list just goes on and on. And I've heard them all before.
    But well, right now I'm the only girl, so they HAVE to tease me (probably a guy thing).

    My Iranian (he's not from Iraq, my bad) keeps on annoying me. This time not because he seems to 'like' me, I beat that out of him, but because he's stupid. Or maybe not stupid, but weird anyway.
    His ducth is great, but sometimes he doesn't understand you. But when that happens he doesn't say it, he just says 'Oh for sure'.ARGH!!!
    And when he does someting he either says 'No problemo' or 'relax'. Today he forgot to put water in the bain marie. That's a thing that keeps the food warm by having containers in boiling water.
    You can probably understand what happens if you turn on a heating element when there's no water to be heated. The smell was terrible, and so was the task of cleaning it!
    My AM asked me if I knew who was supposed to fill it and I said I didn't know. But I went to him and asked him if that hadn't been his task. He said yes, but I wasn't supposed to tel her. He said No Problemo AGAIN!! But then she came down on me, so I finally told her that it had been him.
    So she goes up to him and he tells her again that it is no problemo. ARGH!
    I have to work with THAT for another 5 weeks!

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2003-07-22 14:56 (link)
Sounds like fun, dude... And trust me, guys at work only bug you because they enjoy you. Revel in it, my dear. :D

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