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Marilyn (nalabobala) wrote,
@ 2003-11-23 16:46:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:"the chick's dig it" - Chris Cagle

    "Oh what a night!!!"
    I dunno if i'm gunna be able to keep up with ya'll!!

    Well on the 21 on friday i totally skipped out on my last class. Fuckin' oceangraphy...yuk! Our teacher was gunna make us hike in the mud flats!! Yeah right like i'm gunna walk through the mud right before i go on a 3 hour car ride...i don't think so!! So my driver and i skipped out and headed home. Man we were so sick of that campus!

    We had a fairly uneventful trip down to Belgrade where my bestest freind in the whole world picked me up in her friends FUCKIN AWESOME car!! DUDE!! it was tripped out!!! We drove around and went back to Rogers (alcia's friend with the tripped out car) and went and got his other car, an awesome explorer. He calls it Dora the explorer, lol tee hee too funny.

    After picking up the other car we went around and visited his freinds, then finally made it back to alicia's to shower, ahh sooooo good!!! So we (Alica, Sarah, and I) prettied our bad little selfs up to go out with the boys! We talked Rogers mom into buying us some Boons Farm! YUM YUM!! tee hee...then we were off to a bon-fire in the woods. It was kick-ass! Loads of my favorite music, country!!! HELL YEAH!!!

    Well then we decided it was time to head out...but the thing was that all of us had been drinking. I only had one boons farm, then danced for a long time, so i was not at all gone, i was totally sober man! So since i was the only sober one i had to drive Roger (who was totally gone) home. I got to drive his Dora!! It was fuckin cool man!!

    Yeah so on the way home, we were following Jeremy (Sarah's BF) (who was also trashed so shouln't have been driving, but was the next best off person to drive next to me) and Roger was in the back all sorts of fucked up, kept asking who the hell we were, and who was driving his car! It was kinda funny, but sad too, he couldn't even remeber who we were lol. Then he passed out. Then Jeremy pulled his car over and it was because Sarah was puking, so alicia (who had a passed out Roger in her lap) and she told him to sit up and he ripped off her underware!! LOL it was sooo funny, he didn't even know he did it!! But as soon as he woke up and alicia got out of the car, he started puking too!!!! Man i was sooo grossed out i had to plug my ears and close my eyes, and i turned up the music so loud. So needless to say it was a long drive soon as we got home we all fuckin passed out in bed.

    The next day (22) I woke up really late, like 1 in the afternoon lol. Sarah and Alicia had been up for a while. Sarah still felt like shit lol. We stayed home like all day then the boys called and wanted to go out again. So we we had to get our lazy asses into the showers lol. Then off to Adam's and Lindsay's (a girl that we went to school with)house. SHe had this really really cute tiny dog!! it looked like a miny miny doberman. Too cute!

    Anyway, we all decided to go to Nick's (roger and jeremy's friend) house for another bon-fire, and lots more country. Well that was cool for a while. It got old real quick though, so we left like around 11, but i got to drive Rogers truck again!! WOO HOO!! We got home and all ate turky sandwiches, yummy! Then Alicia and Sarah passed out in bed awhile after that. I stayed up till like 2:00 talkin to this 28 year guy from VT who apparently comes to maine quite often. Kinda weird.....then i went to bed. Another day down.

    We woke up today, and i like walked downstairs and kim was like ur boys r here! We were like what?!? NO WAY!!! It really was them, damn!! Talk about scumbag!! I Looked horrible!!! I ranback in and threw my hat on and rubbed off some mascara off my face lol! then went back out to say hi and laugh about our appearance!! They stayed and hung out for like an hour. Most of it playin with the fuckin dog!! Oh Then Sarah had to go back to school to do some homework, then the boys left right after, then Alicia and I left to go to the store.

    We were driving and saw Sarah's car on the side of the road, and saw Roger standing there talking to her. We flew by and were like, "wait was that sarah??" So we pulled a uewy and went back. Sure enough it was sarah and down this side road was Jeremy's Mustang in a ditch!! It was so funny! He was doing Donuts in the road and flew down this side road and lost control and ended up in the ditch. Man we were so impressed.....try not! Anyway this woman was calling the cops on them, so they got the car out really quickly, so funny!! Then they left and we went to the store and sarah went back to school. So it was all good. The rest of the day so far has been boring, but we plan to have a fun road trip tongiht lol!! Well Luv Ya'll and stay out of trouble....well unless ur with me...then it's ok!! LOL BYES!!!!!

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    sarah's journal

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What smells?
2003-11-23 18:09 (link)
"dora farted" as roger put it when i smelled the burning... LMAO! haha it was so fuckin funny. im so glad u came to see us and stayed with us and made a journal. ill get u a live journal code soon so it will be easier :) i love you!!

<3 alicia

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