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Marilyn (nalabobala) wrote,
@ 2003-12-03 14:36:00
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    Current mood: cold
    Current music:"We all got fucked up, and wasted!"

    Damn how crazy!!
    Well it's been a while, but damn, how much fun I've had! We went to Becky's on Friday and Ian drove, fun shit, not really...but we got there around 1 and spent the day showering and chillin' out playing vidio games. I played sims on Play Station but i couldn't save, so that sucked. But on friday night we went out to eat at a bar and had really good pizza. Then after that we tryed to get up the balls to ask random strangers to buy us booze. But all of us were too chickenshit to ask, so no booze. We wanted to go hang out with Becky's boy and his buddies, but we couldn't, so i was like lets go to portland and see alicia and get wasted with them!! But we couldn't get a hold of alica and sarah so a no go on that too. So our night was basically bust.

    Then on saterday we hung out some more and played with ian's ferrett, the dog, and the cats. We tryed to find somewhere for ian to get wasted but failed once again. Oh well one day Ian we will get u wasted!!! So another day spent with people i love and miss, so it's all good.

    On sunday we had to get up early and get my ass back to augusta to meet Kat (the girl who broght me home from school) to catch a ride back to school. We ate at Denny's and said our good byes and I took off with kat to get back to school. The trip back was long but we got back to school like around 2 so that was cool. Unpacked, kinda and spent my time wasting time waiting for my matt to get back. He was supposed to be back around i had a lot of time to watse. So i slept and watched movies till he called. Then cuz his roomie was gone till tuesday...tee hee...i went over to his room to spend the night. It was kinda weird we didn't like hug or anything when i got there..but i wanted to. Oh well. But we had a good night anyway...he promised to keep me up all night...but he had class in the morning so he wanted to sleep...too bad, i was all for the up all night deal! oh well.

    So the next day was boring day of classes. So monday night slept all alone, sucked, then on tuesday it was so fucked up. Well it was a regular boring day in class. Botany sucked as usual, then back to the room to sleep cuz i had nothin' better to be doin'. Then matt came and woke me up, that was fun so we snuggled in bed for a while. Then he had to go get dinner even though we really wanted to be doin somthin' else but Dani (my awesome roomie) was here in and out trying to write a paper. So we had to restrain ourslefs. so he left to go eat and I went to dinner with trissa a little later. We got talking about Pot at the dinner table about how i've never been high. I've smoked before but never been high. So we decide that we are gunna get my ass so baked that it's not funny. So we go back to our rooms grab cash and set out to find ourselfs some pot. LOL

    Well to make a really long story shot we got a bag of pot. I didn't think it looked like much, but what do I know? So Ryan, Johnathan, some girl named alicia, trissa, and I go on a smoke run to smoke it up. So we got totally lost so we just found a really out of the place spot and stopped to smoke. It was crazy. Trissa and I had already smoked 2 joints before we left and we smoked another joint and 3 boals in the car. It was nuts. So I wasn't feeling anything when we started driving off. Then the whole road came into was weird it was like I was wearing glasses that made you see so much better. It was so cool. So I still didn't think I was feelin it then like it hit me lol. I leaned over to trissa and said, "I think I might be high." And I just BUSTED OUT LAUGHING!!!! and I couldn't stop!! I laughed for a good 20 min while we were trying to find our way back to the school, everything was so fuckin hilarious!! It was great!! So then I had to pee really bad, so we stopped at Irving to get food I guess and I went to pee. The funny thing is that i just remebered this today. I totally forgot about it cuz last night (When we did this) I remember haveing to pee reallly bad but not goin I was like why don't I have to pee?? So like I kept making myself try to go. LOL it was funny.

    So anyway....we got back to the school and smoked one more boal then Trissa and I decided to take showers. That calmed me down, felt sooo good. Then we were like so hungry! We ate sooo much food!! I had tuna on crackers, cashues (dunno how to spell lol), oreos, hot chocolate, and rasberry least I think that was it. We ate this while we were watching Finding Nemo, dude that movie is so much more funny when ur fucked up! LOL So then matt came over and he was baked too! What a trip!! It was so funny. So trissa left, (went to her room and apparently got violently ill cuz of all the food we ate!) and Matt and I went to bed. LOL so apparently when he gets high he gets horny, ii must too cuz much fun. Good thing Dani decided to go to her ex's house that night, lol!!

    So I kicked him out of bed this morning in time for his class, even though I didn't want him to go...arn't I a good girl? LOL anyway he went to class, I skipped mine for some much needed sleep lol. Then today was so boring, skipped one of my 2 classes, made it to the other, and entertained the teacher for 45 min. I guess i'm really funny when i'm frustrated. See the rest of the class left and I stayed after to get some help on my paper revison. And he thought I was a hoot, man I cracked him up good! Oh well, got a lot of work done. Then tonight I did homework w/ trissa, declined smokin it up, and watched Hulk instead, with her and Matt in her apartment. So now it's time to go to bed. Damn it's taken me forever to write this. I kept stoppin and goin to do stuff. Anyway Love Ya'll! BYES!! Love out to my girls!! MISS YOU!! BYE!!

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