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Sailor_Star_Fighter (nagareboshi_he) wrote,
@ 2003-09-10 19:33:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:i got "Rainy day woman#(?)in my head by (?)

    hi i believe in a potato and my pants look like swiss chesse!*big grin*
    okee dokee well today was um........interesting.

    in govt class, i learned i have the freedom to worship a potato^^ but you alreayd knew that!ne? ne?gym class was boring but not too bad since i had people to talk to^^.my math class is officially hell though. i have one of those teachers that WANT kids to participate and *shudders*get into groups. i HATE that!!!!!!!!Today he wanted us to talk to our 'neighbors' and i didin't want to so he started bugging me and the girl next to be. I hate speaking up in class that's why i usually sit in the back but in this class?yeah right! i have to sit right in the FRONT!!!! i hate those seats!!!!!!but i dont think i want window seats until the winter because todat in g'vt class, a bee came in and i must have been the only idiot squirming in my seat while everyone else discussed the class topic9not just the potato^_~)then i had 2 free bands which were greta except the fact that i was lugging around 2 textbooks. teachers dont waste time do they?then it was off to boring marine bio where lookie lookie!ANOTHER TEXTBOOK! geezies! arigatou kami-sama that i got to come home after that class! ooh and i finally gave Nellie the sailor stars cd!it better work!!!!!!!!i hope she likes it!i cant wait to talk about it with her!!!!!!!!!!!!hee hee the funniest episodes are 181 and 184^.^ and the best drama is between 193 and top favs being 196 and 199.ooh!another funny one was 186 with chibi chibi breaking everything!!!!!!!hee hee but im not going into that now! well that's all folks for today!!!!!nighty nite bai bai!

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